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Yoga for weight loss: a set of effective exercises

Perhaps you have heard such a mysterious name “yoga” more than once? And they even decided for themselves that such a system is useful, and it would be nice to try it on yourself, but it never came to real work?

If you are interested in this issue, then, for sure, you are pursuing some goals: to maintain good physical shape, achieve improved flexibility and endurance, and, of course, lose those extra pounds.

Will you tighten your body

If so, then you are on the right track, however, you should immediately make a reservation: yoga is a great way to improve your physical condition, however, you definitely will not get instant results, because this is not the fastest way to lose weight, but nevertheless , one of the highest quality.

Yoga is not just a sport that allows you to get your body in order. In fact, this is a whole culture, one might even say an ancient art that allows a person to know himself, to find harmony with his inner world and outer body, to come to beauty through natural balance.

This science came to us from Ancient India and is still developing on almost all continents, there are about 20 subspecies, each of which is aimed at a certain aspect of human life.

Yoga for weight loss is one of them, but remember that the process of losing extra pounds is not due to exhausting workouts and cardio loads, but due to the fact that all the internal processes of the body are rebuilt in a new way.


Working hard every day, mastering more and more complex asanas (yoga postures), the metabolism is normalized and literally the whole body is transformed: the blood is cleansed of toxins, the figure acquires smooth and chiseled lines, the long-lost flexibility returns, and the hated sides, folds and tummy gradually dissolve.

In most cases, yoga for beginners and for weight loss – intersect and go side by side, because both directions, first of all, are aimed at finding harmony and improving the quality of life, which allows you to become more active and healthy, to put body and soul in order.

Yoga for weight loss – a way to find yourself!

If you decide to do yoga solely in order to lose weight, then most likely you will not be able to achieve high results, because this art, first of all, must be done solely for the sake of the process, and not for the sake of the result.

Losing weight is just a pleasant bonus that can be achieved as a result of systematic training, the right attitude and inner balance. Due to the fact that after practicing yoga it becomes easier for people not only physically, but also psychologically, it is sometimes attributed literally to miraculous techniques capable of real miracles!


For some reason, there are such widespread myths that yoga is not a science for everyone, you can do it only with at least some physical training, with a certain level of flexibility and strength.

In fact, anyone and everyone can do it, regardless of age, weight, harmony, and even more so physical fitness, for this there is yoga for beginners, where they practice very simple exercises that gradually develop into more complicated ones.

By the way, yoga is a great option for busy women who can hardly find time to practice themselves. You can do it at home, it is not at all necessary to go to the gym, although it is still better to work out with a professional for a couple of initial classes who can direct you on the right path.

Strength will be required

You can do yoga anytime, anywhere, just exhale deeply and focus on performing asanas. To achieve tangible results, regular exercises for 30 minutes a day are enough, of course, there will be no effect if you return to this lesson from time to time.

You can start small – 1 lesson in a group, and on the rest of the days, at least 15-20 minutes at home. When you start to feel some positive shifts, then the desire to increase the time and the number of training sessions will appear much faster.

Basic principles

  • Many people think that yoga is very expensive. But after all, it is not at all necessary from the first time to stock up on a whole arsenal of a professional yogi: a special rug, sneakers, uniforms, and so on. You can start with ordinary leggings and T-shirts, in addition, there are special centers where lessons are very inexpensive or even free.
  • All complexes are based on static, but despite the fact that here you will not find exhausting aerobic workouts, some exercises significantly exceed them in strength, and, therefore, in the number of calories expended.
  • A very important point – yoga for weight loss especially affects the appetite – you want to eat less, and the sensations are very cheerful and positive. One workout is a boost of vivacity for the whole day!
  • It is especially important to combine the formulation of asanas with correct breathing, which can have a powerful effect on the body, sometimes even exceeding the strength complexes! Due to the fact that the body is completely saturated with oxygen, the work of internal organs is normalized – you yourself will not notice how gradually the arrow of the scales will begin to persistently slide down.

How to Do Weight Loss Exercises?

There are a huge number of ready-made complexes, where the exercises necessary to improve the slimness of the figure, tighten the abdomen, eliminate folds, excess deposits and tighten the muscles are described in detail. For example, this may include asanas such as Mountain Pose, Chair Pose, Warrior Pose in various interpretations, Sun Salutation Warrior Pose, and many others.

It is very important to concentrate and perform the exercises as accurately as possible, trying to maintain balance. Before starting the exercises, you need to prepare, for example, do breathing exercises and warm up your joints.

Respiratory gymnastics should be observed throughout the entire workout, it is very important that it is even and calm. After each exercise, it is advisable to rest for 2-3 minutes, especially if breathing is very difficult.

Such complexes are best performed early in the morning or a few hours before bedtime, as they enrich the body with a strong surge of energy. And, finally, the most important thing – do it with pleasure and a smile, each exercise should give you pleasure, and not serve as a punishment. Only with this attitude can you get what you really want from the process.


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