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Why take an isolate?

Sports nutrition should include many different ingredients for effective and safe exercise. And one of those components is protein. What is an isolate? Why is it needed, how to use it correctly?

What it is?

So what is an isolate? In general, this name comes from the word “isolation”, which practically describes the technology of obtaining a given substance, or rather, its final result. At its core, the isolate is an almost pure protein (its content exceeds 90%), that is, it is completely free of fats and carbohydrates. It is obtained by numerous filtrations or microfiltrations, or by ion exchange

What can be an isolate?

In fact, an isolate can be obtained from almost any protein, such as egg, soy, dairy, meat, fish, and vegetable. But the best is undoubtedly Whey Protein Isolate, which is derived from the whey that comes from the cheese industry.

Why is pure whey protein considered optimal? Because, firstly, it has the highest degree of assimilation, that is, it is processed by the body in the shortest possible time. Secondly, this isolate contains essential and essential amino acids that are necessary for the proper functioning of many important body systems.

Why do you need it?

Why take an isolate? Primarily for effective training and muscle building. It is used by many bodybuilders, armwrestlers, professional athletes and amateurs.

The isolate has an effect in several directions at once:

  • This substance allows you to quickly and correctly build muscle mass and provide adequate nutrition for muscle tissue.
  • It is worth remembering that protein is a real building material not only for muscle tissue, but also for some others. It is from it that new full-fledged and healthy cells are formed.
  • If we consider that such organs as the heart, uterus, and intestines are partially composed of muscle tissue, then we can conclude that the isolate is useful for them as well. Thus, it helps to strengthen the heart muscle, stimulates the proper functioning of the uterus and ensures the integrity and protection of the intestines.
  • As already noted above, a high-quality isolate contains numerous amino acids, and they, firstly, normalize the work of the whole organism as a whole, and secondly, they accelerate metabolic processes, which is useful for losing weight. Thus, fats are burned more actively, while muscle mass, on the contrary, grows. As a result, the body becomes toned and embossed.
  • Protein is also necessary for the full functioning of the immune system, therefore, when taking the isolate, the body’s resistance to attacks of various fungi, viruses and bacteria is noticeably increased, which is especially necessary with increased physical exertion. And professional athletes, in general, should not be sick.
  • The isolate provides inhibition of catabolism, that is, the breakdown of muscle protein into simpler amino acids. Due to this process, the muscles are severely depleted.
  • Anabolism is accelerated, that is, the synthesis of new substances and structures, which allows you to stimulate the growth of new tissues, namely muscle.

How to use?

The dosage of the isolate will depend on the purpose for which it is being used. For example, if you want to strengthen the immune system, then 25 grams per day will be enough. If you start exercising, then the dose will be in the order of 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of your body weight. At lower volumes, training will not achieve the desired results. If the loads are intense, then the amount can be increased to 3-4 grams.

The method of administration is simple. Since most isolates are available in powder form, they simply need to be dissolved in any liquid, such as water, kefir, whey, juice, or skim milk.

What can be replaced?

What can replace the isolate? How can you get protein in other ways?

  1. The first method is the so-called protein concentrate. It is more affordable due to the relative simplicity of the production technology. It contains about 60-85% protein, which, of course, is lower than in the isolate. However, there is still no substantiated evidence and confirmation that the properties and actions are different. But still, in addition to protein, carbohydrates can be present in the funds of this category, although sometimes they are necessary, including for successful workouts.
  2. The hydrolyzate has the best properties, as it is obtained by hydrolyzing (breaking) the isolate. But due to the complexity of obtaining such drugs are quite expensive, but they are absorbed much faster and more correctly.
  3. There are also various combined agents, that is, mixtures consisting of enzymatic matrices, kezain, isolate, hydrolyzate and concentrate.

Some helpful tips

Recommendations for those who decide to start using the isolate:

  • To find the most suitable isolate, you should seek the advice of your doctor. It will help to identify intolerance to certain types of proteins (for example, milk)
  • Do not exceed the allowable dosage, as large amounts of isolate can put a serious strain on the liver.
  • Give preference to drugs from trusted manufacturers with a good reputation.

Now you know exactly why the isolate is needed, what effects it has, and how to use it correctly.

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