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Why is fast weight loss dangerous for a person?

If you want to lose weight, do not rush and rush things, everything should go on as usual. Losing weight dramatically is a tempting prospect, but extremely dangerous! Check out the main risks and threats.

Safe weight loss rate

The rate of weight loss depends not only on the chosen method of losing weight, but also on the initial body weight, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. And therefore, it is difficult to give an exact answer and indicate the number of kilograms. But many nutritionists use percentages as their basis. So, in the first month, the loss of 10-15% of the initial weight is considered safe for the body. Further, the speed will begin to decrease and will reach about 5-7%.

Why is drastic weight loss harmful?

Why is fast weight loss dangerous for a person? Let’s consider all the risks and threats:

  • The negative effect is on the cardiovascular system. Everyone knows that being overweight is very harmful for her, but losing it will also be a huge burden, since the heart and blood vessels are accustomed to your body weight, and it will take time for them to rebuild. For example, the blood volume will decrease (after all, now much less tissue needs to be supplied), and the vessels will remain stretched, adapted to the initial amount. As a result, there may be jumps in blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances and other disruptions.
  • Possible hormonal disruptions in women. The fact is that subcutaneous adipose tissue is involved in the synthesis and distribution of certain hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. And with a deficiency of adipose tissue, their level can decrease, and to critical levels, which often leads to irregularities in the menstrual cycle, as well as to problems with conception. In addition, in adipose tissues, the transformation of male sex hormones androgens into female ones is carried out. Nature has endowed the fair sex with rounded and appetizing forms for a reason, they are needed for the normal functioning of the reproductive system and procreation. And it is not worth interfering in these processes in such a rude way.
  • Dramatic weight loss is a great stress for the body and for all its organs. But the gastrointestinal tract suffers especially strongly, because most strict diets and extreme methods of weight loss involve sharp restrictions on food. As a result, the gastric juice produced literally eats away at the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum, which can lead to the development of gastritis or ulcers. In addition, the intestines are also negatively affected. Due to a decrease in the amount of food and a lack of dietary fiber, the peristalsis of its walls decreases, which often provokes constipation.
  • If you follow a strict diet, it will certainly help. But after its end, the weight can return back, and in an increased size. This is due to the fact that after restrictions, many return to their usual way of eating and begin to eat high-calorie foods, as well as increase portion sizes. As a result, all the efforts made are in vain, and body weight again increases at a rapid pace.
  • Slow down metabolism. Quite often, those who lose weight are faced with such a phenomenon as the “plateau effect”, that is, stagnant weight. The person continues to diet and exercise, but the weight does not decrease. And this is due to the fact that the body simply gets used to nutrition and stress and slows down metabolism, which is a kind of protective mechanism that prevents critical weight loss. But sometimes it happens differently: losing weight is practically starving, but does not lose kilograms or even gains them. And in this case, the body again takes a hit. He experiences stress due to lack of nutrients and energy, so he begins to store and move into “reserves” literally everything that comes with food, even if it is low in calories.
  • Muscles will also suffer, because after burning fatty tissues, the body will begin to consume muscle tissues, which can lead to their degeneration.
  • Due to nutritional deficiencies, which are usually observed with a sharp decrease in weight, significant restrictions on food and refusal of certain foods, vitamin deficiency can develop. Dizziness, dry skin and cracks on it, headaches, hair loss are just some of the unpleasant symptoms of vitamin deficiency.
  • Increased risks of depression. The joy of losing weight can be replaced by obsessive thoughts about food and the emptiness associated with giving up gastronomic pleasures. And if you add the negative effect on the nervous system due to a lack of nutrients (especially B vitamins), then the risks of neuroses, nervous breakdowns and depression increase significantly.
  • Listing the consequences of rapid weight loss, it is worth noting a decrease in immunity, which will lead to frequent illnesses.
  • Lack of nutrients strongly and extremely negatively affects the condition of the hair: they begin to fall out, become dry and brittle. The nails also suffer: the plates exfoliate, become thinner, and lose their healthy gloss.
  • Dramatic weight loss will affect the skin anyway. The volumes will go away at a rapid pace, and the skin simply will not have time to adapt to the new body, since the dermis will not have enough time to develop a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for elasticity. As a result, the skin will remain stretched, become flabby, and sag strongly. And this is an extremely unpleasant sight. Moreover, it will not be possible to return to the previous state without surgical intervention, involving the removal of excess.

How to lose weight correctly?

Finally, it is worth listing the basic rules of correct and, which is very important, safe weight loss:

  • Even if you decide to lose weight at home, then you should seek advice from an experienced specialist or at least study in detail useful information about losing weight. But in the latter case, it is better to give preference to competent opinion and trusted sources, and not to amateurs and “self-taught”, of which there are a lot in the worldwide network.
  • Do not sharply limit yourself in food, this can lead to breakdowns and a slowdown in metabolism, which will interfere with weight loss.
  • Set achievable goals and don’t rush things. Losing weight should be harmonious and gradual.
  • Make sure that your diet is healthy, varied and balanced, this will provide the body with the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning.

Do not lose weight dramatically. Lose weight gradually and take care of your health.

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