Weight Loss

what is it and what is it for?

Recently, the ideas of losing weight and a healthy lifestyle in general have become more and more discussed and popular, many men and women dream of an ideal body and beautiful shapes, but achieving such results is not as easy as we would like.

A global problem, which is quite difficult to eradicate, is the inability to control oneself, because it is really difficult to constantly count calories, monitor the level of physical activity, and also maintain them in the quantities necessary for a particular organism.

As nutritionists and leading fitness trainers of the world say: to eat and at the same time constantly lose weight is real, the most important thing is to learn how to properly compose your menu and, of course, your physical activity plan.

To deal with such a difficult task from day to day, many methods were invented and developed, some really helped, and some did not, but humanity develops and makes life easier for itself, as it can, and fitness bracelets, just -so, and have become such indispensable helpers. What are these things?

In fact, everything is simple: they constantly count your steps, thereby helping an ordinary person to understand that it is time to move once again or do a little exercise, which is necessary for your health and the desired weight loss.

For modern athletes

The main problem of modern humanity is that, despite such a fast, sometimes sparkling, pace of life, people have completely ceased to be active. All life is a dream-machine-sedentary work-car-lift-sleep, but is there really the number of steps that is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and other internal organs?

Few for whom the lack of sports did not leave any visible negative consequences: obesity, disturbances in the functioning of internal organs, shortness of breath, poor complexion and frequent depression.

Special fitness bracelets can be a real salvation for those who are completely unable to control themselves, who knows, maybe the numbers and graphics that you will periodically see on the screen of your mobile phone or computer will really serve as a good motivation.

Such bracelets easily connect to phones, tablets and computers, special software is installed there that reads all the information about your daily activity from your bracelet.

Fitness bracelets are really handy gadgets that have been invented a long time ago, but only recently have they begun to gain momentum with rapid popularity, both among athletes and among ordinary people.

What do fitness bracelets do?

In fact, such wearable devices are not limited to counting the steps taken, depending on the type and manufacturer of a particular model, they have unique and very convenient gadgets and characteristics.

Most of them know how to memorize the distance traveled, as well as calculate the number of calories spent and gained per day, which is very important for those people who constantly dream of losing weight. In addition, many models of fitness bracelets boast such an important function: they note how much time a person spends in a dream, tracks sleep phases, and some gadgets even know how to wake up at the right moment!

Convenient and useful

Surely, many people know that there are only two main phases – deep and fast, and so, experts have proven that a person sleeps better precisely when the duration of the deep phase is at least 60% of the total sleep time. But in order to wake up in the morning vigorous, slept and in a good mood, it is necessary to do this during the REM sleep phase, in which a fitness bracelet will help you.

He will calculate when to do it as comfortably as possible in the zone of the time you have set, and with light vibrations he will lift only you, and not the whole family, as from the signal of a regular alarm clock. In general, healthy sleep, the correct amount of calories consumed and the required level of physical activity can be very effective in helping anyone to lose weight, improve their health and get in good physical shape.

What are fitness bracelets and how are they different?

If you decide to acquire such a wonderful assistant, then it is important to remember that they all have a different set of functions that must be taken into account and considered depending on the specific case, because the price of a headset changes quite significantly from their number.

Everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages that can affect your choice: someone cares about the appearance of the bracelet, which is not surprising, because it will always be with you, and someone has certain functions, for example, protection from moisture, which is convenient for frequent swimming in the pool.

Nike + SportBand

The fitness bracelet of this series is an updated version of Nike + Fuelband, it can not only count steps, but also track the heart rate, which is important for serious sports training. In addition, the device is equipped with an LCD display, which displays the calories burned, as well as the training time and distance covered.

Nike + SportBand

The bracelets of this series can be easily synchronized with other gadgets from Nike, there is a special network on the Internet where you can register your bracelet, find your friends there and mark your progress in the form of lost kilograms and distances covered. In addition to all of the above, this bracelet is waterproof, and also easily works on battery power for several weeks.

Fitbit Force

This gadget is the new generation of the Fitbit Flex wristband series, and although it appeared on the market for similar devices relatively recently, it has already gained considerable popularity.

Fitbit Force

A simple and austere design allows it to be combined with any clothing; a miniature OLED display is used, which allows you to view all the necessary information directly on the bracelet. The bracelet is equipped with a three-axis accelerometer, a Bluetooth 4.0 module, an altimeter, and a vibration motor, which allows the device to measure not only steps, but also the number of floors climbed.

You cannot swim in the pool in such a fitness bracelet, it is water-permeable, but you can take a shower. Also, using applications on your phone or computer, you can find out information about the calories burned, sleep quality and your daily activity, there is an alarm clock and much more.

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