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What is grazing and what is the point of dieting?

The eternal problem of the female sex – how to lose weight and at the same time not suffer much on strict diets? Some ladies literally kill their bodies with long hunger strikes, try to eat one rice or fruit, and in general, many different technologies and techniques have been invented, which, according to their creators, help humanity to actively lose weight.

In order to stay in great shape, but at the same time not torment your own body with constant refusals from food and favorite foods, a new direction in the world of diets has recently appeared – a grazing diet, which is based on the main rule – eat, snack, eat again and lose weight.

It may sound strange, but in fact, everything is easily explained, and, most importantly, such a newfangled technique is well perceived and has already gained many of its own admirers.

The word “grazing” migrated to us from the English language, where it is written as “grazing” and has a very interesting translation “pasture grazing”.

Quite quickly, in Russian, he got his own designation “a method of eating for weight loss, which is based on constant food intake”, which, in fact, is the definition of the concept itself.

Lose weight before summer

Quite a long time ago, a nutritional system appeared, which was based on fractional meals, boring and, rather, reminiscent of some kind of hospital method of treatment, it did not really take root.

Interestingly, the grazing diet is, in fact, the same fractional food, just slightly updated, diluted with new concepts and, which is important for a modern person, wrapped in an incomprehensible but interesting name. Interestingly, people were not only interested, they began to actively use it and, which is very important, to rapidly lose weight!

So, what is a grazing diet, what rules should you follow in order not to go beyond its definition? Indeed, if you eat pies and fried potatoes fractionally, then you are unlikely to achieve rapid results, which means you need to understand the basic rules of the game.

The main idea of ​​this method of losing weight is to reduce the calorie content of the daily diet, experts have noticed that a simple, even the most non-high-calorie diet, can create the impression of constant satiety.

Products must be natural

From the amount eaten, it will seem that today you have already eaten really a lot, but in terms of calorie content, it will turn out that this is completely wrong. At first glance, it may seem that the main role is played here exclusively by the psychological factor, but in fact this is not entirely true.

At the very end of the 20th century, a group of Japanese scientists led by Masayasu Koijima made an interesting discovery: it turns out that our feeling of hunger, which torments us every minute, if we do not eat on time, is caused by the hormone ghrelin.

The interest lies in the fact that if every 2-3 hours a small amount of food is sent to the stomach, then hormones will not have time to be produced in sufficient quantities, which means that the feeling of hunger will dull. The whole secret is in constant snacks, which allow the body to be saturated with much less food, so it turns out – you constantly eat and lose weight.

Basic principles and rules

For experienced losing weight, it is absolutely no secret that in order to lose extra pounds, you need to burn much more calories per day than you consume.

The basic principle of this technique is as follows: there should be at least six meals a day, of which three are main and three are snacks.

Naturally, there should be a measure in everything, therefore, for those who are poorly able to control the amount of food eaten at one time, this method may not like it. During main meals, its calorie content should not exceed 400 kcal, and during snacks – no more than 200 kcal. Over time, the calorie content of the main meals can be reduced for even more dramatic and faster results.

Mode is important

Ideally, you should have 6-7 snacks of 200 kcal each, they should be distributed at equal intervals of time, approximately 1.5-2 hours each. The first meal should begin no later than an hour after waking up, and then every 2 hours.

It is important to remember that grazing meals are not just about dividing meals, these are several other rules: you need to drink at least one and a half liters of pure water per day, which is about 6-8 glasses.

This contributes to the rapid removal of harmful substances and the body, while the stomach will feel constantly full. By the way, the main advantage of such a diet is to improve the functioning of the digestive system – food is digested easier and faster, a person does not feel tired and exhausted.

It is also important to observe the basic principle of nutrition: you can eat what you prefer and love more, but still, there must be a certain order of food intake. The day should be started with the intake of complex carbohydrates, usually, these are cereals, maybe rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, but in fact, whatever you like, they usually add a little yogurt or oil, better than olive oil.

A second breakfast usually requires fiber, as well as fat, most often vegetables, fruits and nuts. The third meal is the obligatory presence of fiber and protein, and the fourth is low-fat protein, for example, light cottage cheese. The last meal usually includes repetitions of protein and fiber, such as meat and stews or fish and vegetables.

At first glance, it may seem that it is difficult and even troublesome to comply with all the points of the grazing diet, but this is only at first, over time, you get used to it so much that you no longer understand how you can eat differently.

The more vitamins the better

What is nice, usually people who use this technique have an increase in the level of efficiency, mood and general well-being improve, and sleep also normalizes, since falling asleep after a heavy high-calorie dinner is much more difficult. True, there are some people for whom the grazing diet is literally contraindicated, for example, this applies to those who suffer from pancreatic diseases, as well as those with high insulin resistance.

And finally, a little secret of grazing nutrition: if you really want something forbidden, for example, chocolate or a piece of fatty fish, then just try to bite off a piece of the treat, and then eat something from the food “according to the plan” of the meal. Believe me, it will help, the taste of your favorite delicacy will remain in your memory, but, in fact, you will not eat too much of it.

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