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What is anaerobic exercise and what is its advantage?

Surely, many of us have heard about aerobic exercise and training, during which the body strengthens, loses extra pounds and gains the ability to resist various diseases.

However, we know practically nothing about another type of physical exercise, which in the professional sphere is called anaerobic. Anaerobic exercises are called exercises that do not require oxygen, unlike aerobic ones, they are performed not at the expense of air energy, but at the expense of the “ready fuel” that is contained in the muscles.

The supply of such “fuel” is enough literally for 7-30 seconds, depending on the type of load, after which the body switches to using oxygen, and the exercise is converted into aerobic exercise.

So what is anaerobic training? In essence, these are intense or high-speed short-term workouts, during which the body experiences a beneficial lack of oxygen. Frequency of loads is inherent in this type of training: the main work of the muscles lasts no more than 5 minutes, after which the body needs rest and recuperation.

The main types of anaerobic exercise are: interval training, weight lifting, weightlifting, any kind of sprint distance (running, cycling), push-ups, steep climbs.

What are the benefits of them?

First of all, this type of training is designed to increase muscle mass, which is actively used by professional bodybuilders and athletes who want to decorate their body with a beautiful relief. However, with the help of anaerobic exercise, you can achieve many other positive results, let’s find out what exactly we are talking about.


  • Muscle growth and strengthening. Experts say that it is precisely anaerobic exercise that allows you to give a beautiful relief to the body and increase the attractiveness of the silhouette, however, it is very important to follow the correct diet.
  • Improving metabolic processes in the body. Engaging in aerobic training, one can confidently assert an increase in muscle mass, and with it, an acceleration of metabolism, which, in turn, contributes to the rapid burning of fat. Therefore, this type of exercise is a good tool for losing weight, however, the process will be slower than, for example, with aerobic exercise. The ideal option is to combine these two types of workouts.
  • Sufficiently high physical activity helps to increase the body’s endurance, as well as strengthen its ability to resist fatigue and the accumulation of toxins.
  • General health promotion: correction of posture, compaction of bone tissue (bones become stronger), and at the same time, the risk of injury in everyday life is reduced, the acceleration of the elimination of toxins from the body, as well as its general improvement and prolongation of life.

Who are contraindicated for?

It should be remembered that this type of exercise is not suitable for beginners who do not have special physical training, because it will require a considerable level of effort. In addition, they are contraindicated in pregnant women and people who have serious illness or injury. The latter should consult a doctor before starting exercise.

What else do you need to know?

Since anaerobic exercises involve serious stress, it is imperative to warm up the muscles with a special warm-up before them, which will help reduce the likelihood of injury during training.

When performing strength complexes, the ability of muscles to stretch decreases, therefore, stretching and flexibility exercises must be included in warm-ups or cool-downs.

In addition, in order to get the maximum benefit and return from aerobic exercise, they must be combined with the correct diet: meals before and after training, which will allow the body to build muscle mass without harm to its own health. Dehydration of the body must not be allowed, therefore, during classes, it is necessary to constantly consume water or special drinks.

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