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What is an active lifestyle in simple words

For a long time, it will not be a discovery for anyone that a modern person is so accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle that he does not even think about the fact that everything can be somehow different. In the morning I woke up, had breakfast, got into the car, arrived at the office, sat there all day at the computer and papers, after which I also successfully got home by car and lay down under the TV or the same computer, creating a so-called evening rest for myself.

Sound familiar? Of course, some moments may differ, but most of modern humanity spends its working day in this way, and so every day.

Be active!

And after that we begin to complain of constant fatigue, a desire to sleep, sometimes we can be tormented by dizziness and headaches, and few people think that all these symptoms are “diseases of modern society”.

Did you know that the human body is created for constant movement? For the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as to maintain muscles and ligaments in good shape, you need to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.

For many, the figure may seem huge and unrealistic, of course, because the average daily number of steps taken by an ordinary working person is now 2000-3000.

When we were young, we did not feel health problems so acutely, because the body was charged with a huge amount of resources and “new mechanisms”, but now we are starting to push everything to age, believing that, probably, it should be so.

Thinking like that is very stupid, because there are many older people who are physically and psychologically healthier for 10 years than you, and they are not athletes or some outstanding people, they just adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Another point that can be heard in response is “I am not created for an active life.” Many people are convinced in advance that they will not be able to constantly go in for sports, because this factor, in their understanding, is the main component of an active and healthy lifestyle. Firstly, this is not entirely true, and secondly, have you ever tried it? Believe me, if you start your journey in this direction, you are unlikely to want to go back, because you yourself will feel the effectiveness of such a lifestyle. So, before embarking on an active lifestyle, you need to figure out what it is, as well as what it is “eaten” with.

Where to begin?

Interestingly, in fact, an active lifestyle is now very popular, they are trying to practice it in many TV shows, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

Cycling is very rewarding

However, being in a trend is one thing, but really sticking to it is quite another, many people prefer to say that they lead a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time they do nothing special for this. Many people find it difficult to just start, they do not know what to take on, because there is a large variety of techniques, various trainings and lessons offered around.

And you need to start small – just walk. As a famous philosopher once said – “Movement is life!” And this is true, a walk for several hours at an average pace can burn about 500 kcal!

So, just walking, admiring the views and streets of your hometown, you can lose weight and restore the tone of your muscles, as well as stimulate the work of the heart muscle.

How to lead an active lifestyle?

It’s easy to say – go, but what if there is no time for this? After all, modern man is an eternally entertaining creature, always has a cloud of troubles and problems that need to be solved today.

It’s very simple – walking, it’s not running, so walk to work, but you’ll have to wake up a little earlier, but it’s worth it. If it takes too long to go to work, then at least go through a few stops, thereby you will allow your body to finally wake up, muscles sluggish after sleep, to tone up, and at the same time, brain activity is improved and attention, the ability to concentrate increases.

From work, by the way, you can also walk on foot, avoid the elevators, after running the stairs for half a day, you will definitely wind up half of the required amount.

By the way, shopping for groceries or things is also a good physical activity, pushing a cart, constant fitting, running from boutique to boutique can stretch your muscles well. So we put on comfortable shoes and go!

Move a lot and always

The main thing is that such a trip does not end with a raid on some “fast and cheap food” restaurant. If you are a young mother, then you also cannot avoid daily walks, but it’s up to you to decide – either constantly sit on a bench, lazily rocking a stroller, or constantly walk, exploring new routes and streets of your area, at the same time, constantly losing weight and straining your body physically.

Naturally, walking is very good, but by adding heavy physical activity to your diet, you can achieve even greater and visible results.

So find the kind of sport that you like, it can be fitness, swimming, running, aerobics, dancing or wrestling, whatever, as long as it brings you pleasure. Even if it will be difficult to start, you will not have time to look back, as you really start to like it, you just need to “shake” your body.

By the way, if you are a sociable person, then you can look in your city for associations of the same activists who form clubs in which outings to nature, hikes, trips to the sea, various sports competitions and gatherings constantly take place. In addition, there you can make new and “healthy” friends.

A healthy lifestyle is not only about sports

Sport is, of course, important and necessary for the human body, but no healthy and active lifestyle will work without a few more points.

Probably, there is no need to explain to anyone that giving up bad habits is an important moment of such a lifestyle, smoking and alcohol, unfortunately, have already become part of our mentality, but it is necessary to destroy the established foundations. Allow yourself only quite a bit of alcohol for the big holidays, although you can do fine without it, but the matter, of course, is purely master’s.

Activity Leads to Improved Mood

We remember about proper and healthy nutrition. Again, most women and girls try to follow various complex diets and methods, nutritionists conduct complex research in favor of one or another healthy food. This, of course, is all great, but in fact, at least for a start, learn to just eat natural food.

These are berries and fruits, vegetables, dairy products, seafood, fish and meat, herbs and so on. Naturally, try to buy everything that is grown naturally, and not with the help of various chemicals and additives that are needed for the long-term preservation of products and their pleasant appearance.

Therefore, it is better to refuse artificial and synthetic products. These include carbonated water and purchased juices, flour and sweet, mayonnaise, ketchup, “fast food”, sausages and sausages, milk cheese and yoghurts.

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