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What exercises can you do on the expander simulator?

Working on yourself is difficult and sometimes tedious. But fortunately, there are exercise machines that help to strengthen the muscles and make the body more elastic. And what is the expander for? How to use it, how to choose such a simulator?

Expander: what is it, what is it for?

An expander is a fairly simple simulator for working out certain muscle groups. The basic principle of its operation is based on the force of compression or tension. That is, by squeezing or stretching such a device, a person applies certain efforts, which allow him to train muscles.

There are many options

Benefits of using

The use of such a simulator has a number of advantages:

  • Exercise allows you to work out those muscles that are usually not involved in the usual training process. And if you buy several such simulators at once, then you can work out all the groups.
  • This simulator is easy to use, so you can exercise with it at home and anywhere else. The exercises are simple but very effective.
  • This trainer is suitable for both men and women and even for children. You just need to choose the right model.
  • The expander is very light, so you can take it with you on a trip or on a business trip to keep fit anywhere and at any time.
  • With the help of the expander, you can increase the load during the usual exercises, make them more difficult and make them more effective.
  • The simulator will help you get a beautiful and sexy body.

What will we train?

Resistance bands are divided into several types, depending on which muscle groups they are designed to work out. Let’s dwell on each option in more detail.

Hand trainers

The wrist expander is designed to strengthen the muscles of the hand and forearm, as well as to increase the grip strength of the hand. Such simulators are often used by armwrestlers and bodybuilders. They are good for the hands, in particular for the circulation and joints. The basic principle of operation is compression force.

Not a bad simulator

There are several types of such simulators:

  • The easiest option is a ring. Such a simulator is a ring that needs to be squeezed and unclenched. Rings are made most often from elastic materials: rubber, rubber, latex. There are similar resistance bands with a massage surface and with finger recesses. The stiffness can be different, but it is often not great, so this option is suitable for beginners or amateurs.
  • The ball. It is similar in principle to a ring. Such simulators are also made from elastic materials (the simplest option is a rubber ball), they are easy to use and have medium hardness.
  • The principle of operation of the metal cocoon is similar to the previous two types, but it has a more complex structure.
  • The spring trainer consists of two panels connected by springs. It is necessary with the help of efforts to compress the springs. Some of these resistance bands have separate panels for each finger, which allows you to use all muscle groups in the hand.
  • The expander forceps are similar to the forceps that need to be squeezed with some effort.

For chest and shoulders

The chest expander trainer allows you to perform exercises that involve the muscles of the triceps, biceps, back, chest and shoulder girdle.

  • The simplest exercise machine of this type consists of two handles interconnected by several springs. The number of springs can be changed, it directly affects the intensity of the load.
  • The second option is similar to the first, but the handles are connected to each other using rubber or latex harnesses.
  • An expander in the form of a closed circle made of a bundle (or spring) is a closed elastic ring that can be stretched in different directions.
  • The next type is based on the force of compression. That is, the simulator must be squeezed with your hands, and not stretched. It can be a device in the form of elastic thick beams or volume springs.
  • An Eight or Double Eight is a ring intercepted in the middle.
  • The expander of a swimmer (skier, boxer) is made in the form of loops connected with harnesses. The number of harnesses varies, and the loops can be attached to the crossbar or, for example, to the wall bars.
  • The band expander is a regular elastic band that needs to be stretched with the effort of the hands.

For legs


There are also leg expanders that allow you to work out the muscles of the calves, hips and other muscles. Several options are possible:

  • The butterfly trainer is effective for working out the inner side of the thigh, which is very difficult to use. Such an expander consists of two handles connected by a spring. Squeezing these handles allows you to train your muscles.
  • Also, similar simulators can be performed in the form of two wide leg loops, connected by a harness.

For abdominal muscles

The abdominal expander helps to work specifically on the abdominal muscles. A “butterfly” can be used or a design in the form of a crossbar for the legs (the student stands on it) and handles. Extension of the trunk with force provides tension to the abdominal muscles.

For everything

The universal expander is a construction of several springs and handles with attachments. By changing the springs and handles, almost all muscle groups can be used. This is a very convenient option for those who want to develop comprehensively.

Pay attention to details

So, what should you look for when buying such a simulator?

  1. Convenience. The handles should be comfortable. It should be comfortable to work with an expander.
  2. The quality of rubber parts. Quality materials will last a long time. To test this, squeeze and then stretch the part. Are there any streaks, cracks or other defects? Most likely, the material is not very high quality.
  3. Rigidity. To determine the optimal value, it is important to assess your physical fitness and the desired load. So, the minimum value is 5 kilograms, and the maximum is 100 kilograms. Remember that the effort should be significant, but not overwhelming. You should do several reps with some effort, not just one and hard or twenty without using force.
  4. Age and gender. There are special resistance bands for women, teenagers and even children.
  5. See it in action. Ask the seller to provide you with an expander for a demonstration. Try it, squeeze it, unclench it. Compare and test several models and only then decide on the choice. It is not worth purchasing a simulator without inspection.
  6. Price. How much does the expander cost? The easiest one can be bought for 50 rubles. More complex models have an average cost (500-1500 rubles). And some expanders cost about 2-3 thousand rubles or more.
  7. Manufacturing firm. Give preference only to trusted manufacturers with a good reputation. Your health depends on it!

Good luck in your training!

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