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What can not be eaten on an empty stomach if you want to lose weight?

Breakfast is a very important part of any person’s morning. But often in the hustle and bustle, we do not have time to cook something useful, so we have to be content with what comes to hand. But it is precisely such foods that are eaten “on the run” that cause a rapid breakdown and even diseases of the digestive system. Doctors warn that not all products our body will be happy if we eat them on an empty stomach.

The right start to the day

You can be vigorous and work productively only if the body does not “junk”. Therefore, it is important to start your day with proper and healthy food. Its list is very extensive, and we have prepared a list of things that absolutely must not be used.

  1. Citrus. Their juice irritates the gastric mucosa, which can subsequently cause the development of various diseases, and primarily gastritis. In addition, citrus fruits eaten on an empty stomach can cause allergic reactions.
  2. Bananas. Despite containing heart-healthy magnesium, these fruits can actively influence potassium-magnesium metabolism, thereby causing fatigue and depression.
  3. Raw vegetables. It would seem that these products are the source of strength and energy. It is, but only if they are thermally processed. In their raw form, they negatively affect the walls of the stomach due to the high content of acids, causing discomfort, and eventually disease.
  4. Dairy products. Of course, they will not bring harm, but neither will they be useful. Getting into the stomach with its acidic environment, beneficial bacteria simply die without having any effect. Therefore, these treats are best used at the end of breakfast or as a snack.
  5. Cold drinks. They slow down digestion, and whatever you eat afterwards can make you feel heavy and even painful.
  6. Sweet and pastries. A high glycemic index makes the pancreas work twice as hard. This promotes increased production of insulin, an excess of which is undesirable, especially if you want to lose weight. In addition, the sugar level will decrease as quickly as it increased, and after 2-3 hours you will be hungry again. And yeast baked goods can cause gas and bloating.
  7. Coffee. This is one of the most beloved and familiar drinks for millions of our compatriots, but nutritionists warn that caffeine causes an increase in gastric acid secretion, which means heartburn is possible.
  8. Bran. Nutritionists advise using them, because when they enter the stomach, they increase in volume dozens of times, thus giving a feeling of satiety. But without the right amount of fluid, this product can provoke severe constipation.

The ideal option for a healthy breakfast is oatmeal with milk, toast with herbs and cottage cheese, and those who are going to have a good meal can eat a portion of white fish or meat with vegetables. Keep an eye on your health and start your day with healthy and proper food.

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