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Weight loss sports diet menu

If you decide to put your body in complete order and at the same time not harm the body, then a sports diet for weight loss is what you need!

Race walking is rightfully considered the safest and most inexpensive type of sports activity. And this is not surprising – you do not need any additional space or special equipment for it. The biggest challenge will be to find sufficient motivation, overcome your laziness and accustom yourself to the idea that this must be done daily. Well, well-being and a slim figure will be a reward for your efforts! Engaging in such walking every day for at least half an hour, you will significantly pump up the gluteal and calf muscles, and strengthen the abs.

This diet is ideal for all people who choose a sports lifestyle. It is completely balanced and consists of 55% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 30% fat. The body will be able to draw energy from carbohydrates and fats, but proteins are an indispensable basis for increasing muscle mass.

Let’s take as an example several options for a sports diet menu for a week.


Option one:

Breakfast: a glass of skim milk, 100 gr. muesli, a couple of boiled eggs and a couple of fruits of your choice

Second breakfast: a glass of carrot or apple juice, a little fat-free cottage cheese

Lunch: a piece of boiled chicken (can be steamed), 1 jacket potato, 1 fruit

Afternoon snack: low-fat natural yogurt, unlimited fruit

Dinner: 200 gr. Baked fish, a handful of boiled beans, light vegetable salad

Option two:

Breakfast: 1 fruit, 100 g of hercules, a glass of skim milk

Second breakfast: fruit, a handful of wild unprocessed rice

Lunch: a piece of baked chicken, some wild rice

Afternoon snack: a glass of vegetable juice, a glass of natural low-fat yogurt

Dinner: a piece of beef, some boiled corn

Option three:

Breakfast: an apple, an omelet in a double boiler, a handful of buckwheat

Second breakfast: grapefruit, low-fat cottage cheese

Lunch: boiled beef, vegetable mixture to taste, or vegetable salad

Afternoon snack: natural yogurt

Dinner: chicken, vegetable salad in any quantity

The sports diet is one of the few diets on which white bread and potatoes are allowed, provided that other fats are excluded from the diet. They provide the body with the necessary amount of potassium, which has the most beneficial effect on strengthening the heart muscle, helps relieve tension from the circulatory system, and normalizes blood pressure.

Also, its undoubted advantage is that you can eat within 20 minutes after training. Nutritionists and fitness trainers recommend snacking on a plate of low-fat cottage cheese with dried fruits, or low-fat boiled meat with a vegetable side dish. If you feel tired and exhausted after a workout, you can afford cheese, bananas, dark chocolate, avocado. All of these foods are considered natural antidepressants. They are very useful and it is believed that they contain the so-called hormone of happiness.

In between meals, you can also drink cocktails containing all the essential nutrients. You should drink at least a couple of hours before training, or during sports activities you will be busy wiping off the sweat, and not concentrating on the exertion. But after training, you can afford to drink as much liquid as you want. This will help prevent dehydration. You can drink all kinds of juices, ideally freshly squeezed, green tea with any additives, fruit drinks, compotes, just water.

A sports diet is a great addition to any exercise program, and when combined, these two factors can help you get your body and health into perfect condition!

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