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Useful and Effective Bodyweight Exercise

Many people think that only exercising in the gym can improve the figure and strengthen the muscles. However, bodyweight exercises are no less effective, and in some cases more effective than training with dumbbells or other sports equipment. And it is not at all necessary to go to the gym to become strong and fit, you can train various muscle groups at home only with your own weight, and at the same time physical activity will be quite high.

The main advantages over the gym

Before embarking on this type of training, it is worth finding out what benefits they have in themselves.

The benefits of such loads are:

  • Security. In the gym, there is a huge risk of injury associated with improper weight or careless handling of equipment.
  • Careful attitude to health. Bodyweight exercises will not only provide muscle growth, but also keep the ligaments and joints flexible.
  • Availability. Such classes can be conducted at any time of the day and in any convenient place.
  • Savings. You don’t have to spend money on a gym membership.
  • Combining exercises. There is a great opportunity to combine strength training with cardio training.
  • Training of the vestibular apparatus. Thanks to such exercises, coordination is improved, since the whole body is involved during training, and not individual muscle groups.
  • Diversity. The same movements occur on the simulators, which cannot be changed. When training with your own weight, you can do a hundred different exercises, respectively, such exercises will not be able to get bored.

Despite the variety of movements performed with your own weight, there are 6 main ones that are very effective and suitable not only for men, but also for women. We will describe in detail how to do them.

Squats on one leg

Many did this exercise during their school years. Recently, squats with a “pistol” have been undeservedly forgotten, but in vain: this is the best load for the legs, which can be done without the use of additional weights. This exercise is perfect for girls who are trying to shape their thighs.

Most often, the first time, unprepared people fail to sit on one leg. In this case, take a bench or low chair for support.

At the beginning, you lower yourself onto the support. When you are confident in your own strengths, then remove the insurance and sit on one leg with a straight back, put your hands in front of you. Pull the second lower limb forward, while trying not to bend it.


An example of such an exercise is the classic hanging on gymnastic rings. When performing the L-corner, the problematic lower abdomen is strengthened, the muscles of the arms and back are also involved.

Sit on a firm surface with your legs straight and connected, hands touching the floor. Leaning on your palms, raise your pelvis along with your straight legs.

This is a fairly difficult exercise that untrained beginners may not be able to do.

For them, there is an easier option in which the knees bend and the legs are drawn to the body. Try to straighten your lower limbs a little every day.

Push up

A highly effective exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lumbar region, upper shoulder girdle, chest, forearm, triceps and abdomen.

It will be easier for beginners to do push-ups from their knees. In the future, to increase the load, you can put your legs on a stool or put a stack of books under your arms. Depending on how wide your arms are, certain muscle groups swing. So that the load falls on the triceps, the arms are placed close to each other, and to strengthen the back and chest, the palms are spread wide.

To build muscle mass, a small number of repetitions with maximum load are done. If the goal is to improve muscle endurance, then repetitions increase and push-ups become more frequent.


It is considered one of the most beneficial strength exercises. With the correct implementation of the bridge, the muscles of the press, legs and buttocks are trained.

Take a horizontal position, while bending your knees at an angle of 90 ° C. Leaning on your shoulders and arms, raise your torso. To do this, tighten your gluteal muscles strongly and rest your heels on the surface. Fix this pose for 5 seconds and lower yourself again, but the pelvis should not touch the floor. Throughout the exercise, the muscles of the buttocks should be as tense as possible.

To increase the load, the legs are placed on a chair or bench. You can also straighten one leg and climb on the other. Additionally, any weighting agent is used, which is placed on the lower part of the press and lifts are carried out with it.


Pull-ups on the horizontal bar are most often performed by men. No workout is complete without this exercise. By the technique of performance and the number of repetitions, one can determine the level of physical fitness of any athlete. The horizontal bar can be installed at home by fixing it in the doorway. Before starting workouts, it is advisable to do a small warm-up in the form of push-ups from the floor.

It will be difficult for an untrained person to carry out even a few repetitions. An easier version of this exercise is suitable for beginners. It is necessary to install a low crossbar, lie under it, grab with your hands and pull your torso to it, while straining the muscles of the arms and back. In the future, to increase the load, weights are used or pulled up on one arm.


It is one of the most effective exercises for developing endurance, flexibility and a sense of balance. However, to perform it, you must be in good physical shape and dexterity. Therefore, before starting a workout, you should really assess your strength.

You will need a lot of free space to do a handstand. At the very beginning, it is better to train near a wall. Many people fall often at first, so put a blanket on the floor and make sure there are no sharp corners or raised surfaces nearby that could cause various injuries. And it is advisable to ask someone close to you to be insured.

Set and rep frequency

The most optimal training frequency is 3 times a week. Before starting the exercises, do not forget about the warm-up, this increases the effectiveness of the classes.

  • For beginners, it will be enough to do 2-3 sets with 10 repetitions. The handstand is repeated 2 times (10 seconds each).
  • Advanced athletes do 4 sets of 20 reps. The standing time is increased to 30 seconds.
  • Rest between sets should be no more than 1 minute, and between exercises – no more than 3 minutes.

Bodyweight exercises are ideal for losing weight, improving coordination, strengthening the muscles of the whole body, and generally improving the body. And what is important, training can be carried out both at home and in nature, while not wasting time on trips to the gym.

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