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Top 10 best and famous fitness bloggers

If you are engaged in fitness, then you probably want to regularly receive useful recommendations and learn something new. Bloggers give this opportunity. And which of them are considered the most popular in the fitness world?

Top 10 Best Fitness Bloggers:

  1. Heidi Somers Is one of the most popular American fitness bloggers. This attractive blonde has the perfect body: a flat stomach, abs, gorgeous breasts, tight sexy buttocks and slender hips. And if you want to become like Heidi, then just go to her blog and find the program. It is designed by Somers herself and is designed to last only 6 weeks. After completing the entire course in a month and a half, you will notice that your body has become slim, prominent and attractive. By the way, Heidi is always dressed sexy and even somewhat openly, which will be an additional incentive for you to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Each exercise is explained in detail, so it’s easy to practice. And the blonde also gives useful tips. But among them you will not find recommendations to sign up for ballet or dancing. Heidi believes that only dumbbells and vigorous exercise can help tighten muscles and lose fat, so you have to sweat.
  2. Jasmine Chong enjoys yoga and advises everyone to do the same. And she made her studies fascinating and interesting and practically turned into art. She can take almost any position in the most unexpected places, for example, in a car park, on the beach, in a park or on a promenade. And that’s why pretty Chong always carries a rug and a bottle of water with her. She also demonstrates her flexibility and always emphasizes that a flexible and dexterous girl can become sexy and will certainly achieve it. And all these qualities make it possible to acquire yoga classes. Among other things, the girl clearly demonstrates that even sportswear can be attractive, bright and feminine, which is proved by her stylish images. Newbies on Jasmine’s blog will find simple and detailed step-by-step instructions, and “advanced” ones will learn a lot.
  3. Carly Rowena… The blog of this slim and fit beauty will be interesting for those who want not only to start doing fitness, but also to understand how to eat right in order to get rid of extra pounds. Carly regularly shows effective exercises and explains each of them in detail, so even beginners can train. Rowena also tells her subscribers how to eat. She goes to supermarkets with a camera and demonstrates suitable products in a visual way. By the way, she is convinced that it is not at all necessary to sit on strict diets and even more so to starve. All you need to do is eat really healthy and high-quality food, skillfully combine ingredients, choose the right cooking methods and reduce portions. By the way, all the dishes prepared by Carly look very appetizing! And the girl regularly gives subscribers tasks that help them go towards their goals and lose weight.
  4. Rachel Braten… This beauty with Swedish roots currently lives in the Caribbean and pleases everyone with stunningly beautiful and vivid pictures. But it’s not just the photos that deserve attention, because Rachel is a popular owner of an account dedicated to sports and the right lifestyle. Initially, the girl did yoga, but recently she got acquainted with the so-called SUP-surfing – rowing on a board while standing. And she decided to combine these two seemingly incompatible directions. The result is an interesting, slightly extreme and very beautiful mix. Having transferred yoga classes to the sea, Rachel became even more popular, and by the way, she is still surprised at this, since she was not at all ready for fame. But, nevertheless, the beauty continues to delight subscribers with exercises and practical advice.
  5. Jasmine Garcia… This beauty has a bright and attractive appearance and looks like Jessica Alba, which only increases the popularity of her blog. Her video is interesting and very pleasant to watch, because the girl is not only cute, but also reasonable. She advises combining exercise with proper nutrition. In addition, she considers these two directions to be inseparable, so that for each exercise she has a delicious snack. For example, after a series of 150 rep squats, she lets her followers eat an apple.
  6. Diana and Felicia – famous bloggers and popular personal fitness trainers who have made more than one body ideal. They also promote healthy eating and are very fond of dressing up in style. By the way, not so long ago Felicia gave birth to a child, but she proves to everyone that you can stay attractive and sexy after such an important event, you just need to work on yourself. And the subscribers of these two beauties know a lot, for example, how to eat right, how to exercise and make the body embossed, how to dress stylishly and comfortably. Diana and Felicia regularly delight everyone with new exercises, stylish looks, positive photos and useful tips.
  7. Faya Nielsen – this is not only a stunningly beautiful girl, but also a real motivator for those who still put up with their flabby body and believe that nothing can be changed. She is a personal trainer and a fairly well-known blogger. In addition, Faya is very fond of traveling and constantly pampers her subscribers with fresh photographs taken in the most beautiful corners of the world. And she also gives a lot of useful tips and lays out recipes for low-calorie meals.
  8. Page Hathaway… This girl is 26 years old and has become one of the most successful fitness models. And all this thanks to a gorgeous body. But if you think that nature has rewarded it with it, then you are mistaken. An amazing figure is the result of hard work and work on yourself. But Paige herself clearly demonstrates to everyone that in order to become beautiful, it is not at all necessary to spend 24 hours in the gym and starve. You just need to live, enjoy every moment, move more, eat right, play sports, find balance in everything and be in harmony. And then you will receive not only slimness, attractiveness and sexuality, but also a charge of vivacity and good mood.
  9. Katya Energy… This energetic beauty fully justifies her nickname, because she literally infects and charges everyone with positive and chic mood. And she also gives useful advice and helps not only to effectively, easily and correctly exercise and eat rationally, but also to look your best always and everywhere. By the way, Katya always conducts online training in swimsuits, which is an additional motivation for subscribers.
  10. Katerina Buyda… This red-haired beauty has become popular thanks to her own program, which combines active dance steps and calm yoga asanas. Do you think they are incompatible? But no! And Katerina proves it. It all started with a video posted on the worldwide network. And such an unusual approach interested Internet users so much that Buida decided to continue the work she had begun and now regularly adds new videos with dynamic and energetic exercises. Today, the girl has many fans and online students.

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