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The principles, pros and cons of intuitive eating

Excess weight causes many inconveniences and creates the same number of problems, but besides this, it also negatively affects the state of health. That is why people who have realized the problem are trying to start fighting it, and the simplest method is dieting.

But many of them are difficult, long-lasting, exhausting, so not everyone reaches the victorious end. And after all, not everyone knows that there is a method of losing weight, which is based on the usual, correct, rational approach to food, which makes it possible to get rid of extra pounds. This is intuitive eating.

Listen to yourself

The author of this technique, based on one’s own desires and human needs for food, is a professor at the University of Utah (USA) – Dr. Stephen Hawkes. At one time he suffered from excess weight, and when the arrow of the scales exceeded 100 kg, he decided that it was time to lose weight. Having tried a large number of diets, Professor Hawkes never achieved the desired result and developed his own system, thanks to which he lost 16 kg in a year, and after another 6 kg.

He released his book Intuition Eating and forgot about exhausting diets forever.

In Russia, the issue of intuitive nutrition has become interested not so long ago, but, nevertheless, the first successes are available. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Svetlana Bronnikova devoted a lot of time to the study of proper nutrition without rules, placing the results of her research in the book “Intuitive Nutrition. How to stop worrying about food and lose weight. It consists of two parts – theoretical and practical, which make it possible to understand the reasons for the wrong food culture and build the right food system without restrictions.

Both of these manuals are excellent helpers in knowing your own body, desires and capabilities.

I eat everything and lose weight

Any diet comes with limitations that are sometimes very difficult to cope with. Hands strive to grab a forbidden product. But the main rule of intuitive nutrition is “hear the desire of the body, and give what it asks for”. According to Dr. Hawkes, there are 10 principles of an intuitive eating system.

  1. Forget dieting. Stop trusting various advertising brochures and multi-million dollar articles that promise you fast weight loss. All of them contain inhibitions, and they lead to breakdowns and overeating. As a result, the problem is not resolved, but is exacerbated.
  2. Change your attitude towards food. Rejoicing that now you can eat everything, a person can easily lose self-control. But soon even beginners realize that having eaten a double portion of meat and a few slices of cake, they risk the whole evening to suffer from heaviness and stomach pains. Therefore, realizing that in order to fill up it is not necessary to eat complex and not always healthy foods, you will soon come to understand the importance of a healthy diet.
  3. Hunger and appetite are not the same thing. You need to eat when you really feel hungry, and not just because you have an appetite for another dessert. For weight loss, it is also important to eat on time so that hunger does not drive you to exhaustion.
  4. I ate enough and that’s enough. The feeling of fullness is very important to control. From childhood we were taught that there should not be even a crumb in the plate after dinner. But another principle of intuitive eating is to put aside the cutlery when you feel almost full.
  5. Be on good terms with food. Forget about counting calories, do not try to think about what you will have to limit yourself by eating tiramisu today, stop keeping a calorie diary. Before you eat something, just think – do I really want it?
  6. Enjoy. Diets turn our breakfasts, lunches and dinners into tight control over the amount of food and their calorie content. But the inhabitants of eastern countries believe that food is one of the greatest pleasures, so they “savor” every bite. When you discover such a skill, you will understand that in order to eat, you will need less and less each time.
  7. Separate feelings from hunger. When we are offended, angry, worried, it seems to us that all this will help us forget a delicious steak, a piece of cake, a great dessert. But, unfortunately, the effect will be very short-lived, and guilt will be added to the unpleasant feelings. Therefore, it is worth learning to deal with the sources of problems directly.
  8. Don’t reward yourself with food. Motivation is a very important component of a successful life, but you should forget the wording that was remembered from childhood: “if you clean it up, you will get ice cream” or “if you pass the 5 exam, I will buy a cake.” Change the format of motivation and learn to reward yourself with more useful things – travel, going to the cinema, theater, exhibitions, etc.
  9. Accept your body as it is. Genetics cannot be changed, and if you are naturally given a magnificent body, then it is unlikely that you will be able to become 4 sizes smaller, but you will get in shape completely. To love your body doesn’t mean to stop doing it. When you accept yourself as you are, you yourself will be surprised at the desire to improve.
  10. Sport is a joy. Forget about the hardest workouts because they burn a lot of calories. Go to those activities that bring you pleasure, which means that they will definitely help you to have seductive forms.

What are the results?

Having joined adherents of intuitive eating, you will definitely notice a few main advantages for yourself.

  1. Such a system is absolutely safe for your health. You eat what you want, but in small portions, without overeating.
  2. You do not need to adhere to a regime, be tied to time, nutrition schemes.
  3. The effectiveness of the technique will manifest itself in a month, provided that your lifestyle includes physical activity.

But there are some disadvantages that must also be taken into account.

  1. Not everyone and not always understand the philosophy of the methodology. Sometimes permissiveness does not allow one to come to an understanding of the importance of “healthy” products, and leaves a person at the level of eating the usual fast food and other not very healthy food, but in reasonable quantities. In this case, you may need to find a competent mentor.
  2. To please the body with the product that you want at that moment, most likely, you will have to go to the nearest store, because not always there is what you need in the refrigerator. Constant “forays” into grocery markets are fraught with the purchase of additional products that are undesirable for consumption.

Intuitive eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle that millions of people around the world have discovered for themselves. Eating, listening to yourself, and not to the advice of nutritionists, is a reasonable philosophy that makes it possible to feel comfortable and lose weight, while not denying yourself your favorite foods.

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