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Pros and cons of the chocolate diet for weight loss

Many people love chocolate. Still, this delicacy has an amazing taste and even raises your spirits. And some believe that it helps you lose weight. Is this really so?

Can chocolate really help you lose weight?

Does chocolate really help you lose weight? Such information seems unreliable and similar to nonsense, because one tile of such a delicacy contains about 500 calories, and this is a third of the daily norm. And what kind of weight loss can we talk about? In fact, there is some truth, but there are also some nuances.

Scientists from California conducted a study and concluded that chocolate can help you lose weight. Under observation were 1000 women and men aged 20 to 85 years. And the assessment of the observation results made it possible to find out that people who regularly consumed chocolate had a lower body mass index than those who refused such a treat.

But there are several “buts”. First, the chocolate must be dark, that is, the cocoa content in it must be at least 70%. Secondly, we are talking about the benefits of moderate consumption of delicacies. You should eat no more than 20-40 grams per day.

The benefits of chocolate

Chocolate is quite healthy and has the following properties:

  • He gives a charge of vivacity. Moreover, its calories are spent precisely on energy production (if you observe the measure), and do not go to the “reserve”.
  • Chocolate increases mental alertness and improves brain function. It is not for nothing that before an important event (for example, an exam), many advise to eat several slices of such a delicacy.
  • Moderate consumption helps to eliminate the so-called bad cholesterol from the body.
  • Chocolate really improves mood, as it contains substances that are similar in action to the hormones of joy – endorphins.
  • The treat is good for the cardiovascular system: it normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.
  • With regular, moderate consumption, you can speed up your metabolism. And thanks to this, energy will begin to be spent more actively, and fats will burn faster.
  • Chocolate contains natural antioxidants that neutralize the activity of dangerous free radicals, stop the processes of tissue destruction and aging, and also reduce the risk of developing cancer.

How to use chocolate to lose weight?

The most popular option is the chocolate-only mono diet. It is difficult, but most effective. Only one bar of dark bitter chocolate is allowed per day and nothing else. You can drink unsweetened tea or coffee (without milk), water. It is advisable to divide the total amount of delicacies into three or four receptions. You can follow such a diet no longer than 5-7 days (and preferably three or four).

If you need to get rid of 1-2 kilograms, then it is better to arrange a fasting day. Your menu is a bar (that is, 100 grams) of dark chocolate, tea and coffee without milk and sugar, water.

There is also a more gentle option, involving the introduction of other foods into the diet. Allowed nuts in small quantities, low-fat red fish (for example, pink salmon, salmon), low-fat dairy products, eggs, fruits and vegetables, turkey, and tea or coffee. But the daily amount of chocolate is reduced to 40 grams. It is forbidden to include in the menu fried, fatty, sweet (including sweet fruits), flour, smoked, salty. The diet lasts seven days, but you can increase it to two weeks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chocolate Diets

To begin with, it is worth listing the pros of a chocolate diet for weight loss:

  • Almost everyone loves chocolate, so many will love the chocolate diet.
  • This delicacy, as you already understood, is very useful, but only if consumed in moderation.
  • Positive results. Yes, chocolate diets do help you lose weight, and quite noticeably.
  • If your job involves mental work, then such a diet will suit you, since chocolate significantly stimulates brain activity.
  • The diet is very budgetary. And although good chocolate is not cheap, for a daily diet, this price can be considered quite reasonable.

Now the cons:

  • There is a risk of side effects such as stomach pains, dyspeptic disorders, acne.
  • There are contraindications, which include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (especially in the acute stage), as well as kidney and liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, and some hormonal disorders.
  • Most popular chocolate-based diets have significant limitations. And this means that the body will not receive all the substances necessary for its normal functioning, which can lead to vitamin deficiency or depletion (especially if you follow a diet for a long period). So many chocolate diets are unbalanced and unhealthy.
  • Any mono-diet is not only not very useful, but also difficult, because only one product is allowed, and it can get bored.
  • The amazing taste of chocolate is due to the fact that its daily amount can be increased (after all, it can be very difficult to stop at times).
  • Chocolate is an allergenic product. And even if undesirable reactions did not occur before, then with a diet, a cumulative effect can work. That is, the number of allergens in the body will increase, and as a result, allergies will develop.
  • Kilograms can return if you don’t eat properly after a diet.


A few recommendations:

  1. It is worth choosing high quality chocolate that does not contain artificial additives. The percentage of cocoa in it must exceed 65-70%.
  2. Do not try to increase the duration of the diet, it is harmful and even dangerous.
  3. After the diet, the principles of a dietary, healthy and balanced diet should be followed.

To help you lose weight, use chocolate correctly!

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