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Pilates Secrets for Beginners

What is Pilates? Not every person can give the answer to this question, and even not every trainer in a fitness club. Pilates for beginners is a good chance to tidy up your figure without resorting to frenzied loads.

Pilates is a relatively new concept in our country, although it originated quite a long time ago, in the USA.

The founder of this type of sports activity was Joseph Pilates, who developed the type of sports that many amateurs and professionals are now engaged in.

Pilates itself is a very effective exercise technique that can significantly enhance the physical abilities of the body, improve balance and muscle strength, restore correct posture and acquire good stretching.

At the moment, this type of physical activity is very popular; in large cities and abroad there are many specialized clubs.

Who can you do?

Everyone, almost without exception. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are, and whether you have ever played sports.

Pilates is a kind of state of mind, you need to experience it on your own experience, and only then you will either finally fall in love with it, or flatly refuse to engage in this sport.

Exercise can be useful for people who suffer from back pain, as it is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back and relieving the spine.

But it is important to know that if you have had some kind of back surgery or spinal injury, then it is imperative that you consult with your doctor and coach so that the latter thoroughly knows your medical history and can prescribe the correct Pilates course for you.

Pilates can be a good help for professional athletes who are recovering from an injury or a long break. It is also worth knowing that systematic exercises in the gym lead to muscle tension, they are in constant tension.

It will be very useful to periodically stretch the muscles of the body and bring them to their normal state, which again can be done with the help of Pilates.

Pilates is a common sport for pregnant or postpartum women who get in shape after giving birth. It perfectly strengthens the hip joints, abdominal and back muscles – just those parts of the body that are most involved in the process of giving birth and carrying a child.

It is also useful for those people who suffer from joint diseases, the elderly, because it improves blood flow and trains all muscle groups.

As you can see, Pilates is a unique thing that is suitable for any age and level of physical fitness, but there are also contraindications? In fact, as such, there are no prohibitions, to the best of reason, of course.

It is not advisable to start pilates classes with a cold, after severe injuries or illnesses. Better to consult a doctor and bide your time.

Lessons for beginners. Correct stance

A very important aspect of the entire set of exercises is the development of the correct stance, from which all subsequent exercises will be done. It is very important that before starting the basic composition of the exercises, it is necessary to properly warm up the body and muscles so as not to stretch or tear any ligaments and tendons. After the muscles are ready to work, we begin to become in the correct stance.

To do this, you need to: stand up straight, straighten your back, lower your shoulder blades and shoulders, the crown of your head should stretch towards the ceiling, your chin looks forward. The legs should be shoulder-width apart, the feet should be parallel to each other, the knees should be made “soft”, that is, they should be slightly bent and not leave this position.

Do not forget that your main assistant in maintaining the correct initial position is your abdomen and abdominal muscles, they must be constantly tense in order to achieve maximum effect.

The next point is correct breathing during training. After you have taken the correct posture, you begin to breathe. Breathing must be full, it is carried out by the chest, and not by the stomach, so that deep pumping of the lungs with oxygen occurs. It is necessary to breathe in this direction for the first 10 minutes, after which the body is tuned to a working mood and is ready to carry out subsequent exercises.

What can you try yourself?

Another point is that doing Pilates at home is, of course, possible, but not desirable. Classes should be conducted according to a specially prepared program, and not from time to time.

In addition, during training, correct postures and breathing are very important, which to control independently, especially for beginners, does not work well. If you decide to engage in this type of sports movement, then it is better to seek help from a fitness club, where experienced trainers can direct your energy in the right direction without harming your health.

But if you really want to try doing a couple of exercises at home, you can try the table exercise. Exercises require increased concentration, it is not in vain that notes of yoga can be traced in it, which is especially difficult for beginner enthusiasts.

The exercise itself is as follows: you need to kneel, resting your palms on the floor. The knees should be located strictly under the hips, and the palms under the shoulders, you should form a kind of rectangle with right angles.

The back should be perfectly flat, like a table. From this position, first tear off one hand and extend it parallel to the floor, holding it in this position for 30-40 seconds. Slowly lower your hand into place, raising the next one. The same fate awaits hands and all legs, and several times.

A more complicated form of such an exercise: raised both arms and legs, keeping them parallel to the floor, and balance must be maintained on the other two. Do not forget to breathe correctly, the pelvis should be twisted to the stomach, the back should be straight, and the abdominal muscles should be tense so that you do not lose balance.

You can try to get into the “bar”. The arms remain in the same position, and the legs are extended, and the support remains on the toes. Even standing in this position for 20-30 seconds is already difficult, not to mention the fact that you can also leave the “plank” pose for other variations.

As mentioned above, in order for the exercises to have a real effect and bring only benefits, it is best to practice under the supervision of an experienced specialist who can point out all the shortcomings that you will have during the training process. Having gained experience and having learned the necessary exercises, you can continue the exercises on your own, at home.

Remember that the main thing is desire, then the results will not keep you waiting, and you can see the first progress after the first few workouts. And, of course, do not forget that the regularity of classes is important, at least three times a week for at least an hour.

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