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Paul dance classes for weight loss and sexuality development

Recently, the culture of a beautiful body is gaining more and more its weight and significance, the fair sex is more and more enthusiastically immersed in the search for sports loads, with pleasure attending fitness centers and showing their first results with great pride.

Today it is difficult to imagine a successful, young and active girl who would not go in for sports, because only with her help you can achieve a toned and slender body.

That's very beautiful

If you are even a little interested in physical culture, then, for sure, you have more than once stumbled upon such a widespread nowadays concept as pole dance or “pole dancing”, “pole dance”.

A mesmerizing sight: a beautiful, muscular and very bright girl confidently spinning on a pole, performing incredible movements and tricks that can delight even the most skeptical viewers. What is the first impression of this kind of dance? Do bodybuilders dance a striptease on a pole? How to understand this at all?

Pole dance is a relatively new trend in the world of fitness classes, which, by right, can be called a separate sport, the ancestor of which, undoubtedly, was circus acrobatics and striptease.

Today, from all the art of striptease, there is a pole that plays the role of a simulator; you will not find any more similar features there. Currently, this technique is actively used by many girls for weight loss, drawing a beautiful and muscular figure, as well as for developing self-confidence and self-confidence.

This sport appeared a long time ago, even in ancient India, young men used a wooden pole to exercise and demonstrate their agility and strength to the public.

A considerable contribution to the development of this culture was made by acrobatic art, acrobats introduced their innovations to it and diversified classes with beautiful and complex tricks that made it possible to create unique figures on a pole.

This is art

Pole dance gained even more popularity in the 70s in the USA and some European countries, where competitions and festivals of various dance studios in this sport are still constantly held.

Pole dancing came to us relatively recently, just a few years ago, but they have already managed to seize the stormy love of many of the fair sex, and for good reason.

Features and characteristics

What is this mysterious pole dance? We would like to draw your attention right away: this is not a striptease, there is nothing vulgar and shameful here, although, of course, light elements of eroticism are still present, which, in fact, is normal for any dance.

In pole dance, undressing is strictly prohibited, here the body is not perceived as the primary sexual object of desire, the foundation is laid here, which provides for the demonstration of complex skills, showing flexibility and strength, talent and acting.

Well, a beautiful and pumped-up body is a pleasant and reasonable bonus of such activities. Pole dancing is a really difficult and difficult sporting art, in which it is impossible to achieve any heights and significant achievements without preliminary preparation, by the way, unlike the same striptease.

Develops sexuality

Pole dance perfectly combines individual elements of fitness, acrobatics and dance, almost all actions take place on a pole. Despite the fact that the name includes the word “dance”, it is difficult to call this kind of fitness a dance, because there is no dance as such.

Almost all exercises are performed in the air using a single simulator, and so that complex tricks and elements do not look boring, they are diluted with small elements of dance aerobics or plastics.

Over the past few years, pole dance has been recognized as one of the types of fitness, so today in almost every sports club you can find a studio for practicing strip plastics on a pole. This feature once again proves the popularity and, importantly, the effectiveness of such physical activities.

It is important to understand to yourself that all that lightness and weightlessness of movements, which is achieved on the pole, is the result of hard and exhausting work, and not at all an erotic show.

Therefore, for those girls who obviously consider striptease to be something inappropriate and closely related to this sport, it is better to immediately give up going to training, most likely that you will quickly give up this business.

To perform all the elements and complex tricks, you must have a great desire to achieve the goal, as well as dexterity and remarkable coordination. Dancers necessarily have strong arms and a developed skeleton of the back muscles, since for a long time they have to keep their body on a pole in the air, all this is very, very difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of this sports direction is the maximum load on the entire upper body, as well as on the abs and legs, as a result of which the figure becomes fit and slender.

Good preparation required

Due to high strength loads, calories and excess fat deposits are quickly burned, and the metabolic process is also significantly accelerated, which in general has a positive effect on the appearance and health of the dancer. Due to this, a beautiful muscle frame develops quite quickly, you should not worry that this will happen unevenly, thanks to special programs and stretch marks, all figure flaws are corrected.

A big plus from such exercises lies in the disclosure of a woman, her potential of femininity and sexuality, due to which self-esteem increases, because during such training, flexibility, plasticity and the ability to move are great.

Together with the improvement of the body, the gracefulness of the dance and movements is improved, the dancer gets an excellent shape, as well as the ability to surprise and conquer men with her beautiful movements and complex technique.

The disadvantages include only constant bruising and sprains, which cannot be avoided, although we would very much like to. They will become direct proof of your work and hard work, which translates into small failures, which eventually transform into first achievements.

First lessons. What do you need?

If you are already our school for pole dance classes, then it’s time to take care of clothes, because this is an important part of training. Do you think the dancers are naked as much as possible to draw with their own bodies?

A complete workout is guaranteed for you

But no, this is done to maximize the grip of the body with the pole, which cannot be achieved in closed clothing. Short, tight-fitting shorts and a top will work best, but if you are not ready to undress like this, then a regular tracksuit will work at first.

If you are going to a class for the first time, and have never tried anything like this before, then, perhaps, before a class in a group, it is worth taking a couple of individual lessons with a trainer.

They will cost, of course, more expensive, but then training in the team will go much faster and more efficiently, since all the necessary basics will be laid in direct contact with a professional.

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