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Key features of CrossFit workout

Can you answer the question, what is CrossFit workout? Even those people who are professionally involved in the sports field cannot always answer it coherently, because CrossFit is a fairly young and still completely unexplored direction of fitness. Like any type of load, crossfit also has its own characteristics, positive and negative sides, which we will talk about in this article.

So what is it all about? If you turn to the professionals, you can hear this definition: CrossFit is a special type of circuit training, in which several types of exercise are performed without rest or with a minimum rest of 5-10 seconds.

The main feature of such training is that the emphasis is not on any particular kind of sport, but on the functional abilities of a person.

Athletes in such classes develop comprehensively: at the same time indicators of endurance, strength, performance improve, the appearance of the body improves and, of course, the process of its recovery takes place.

We can say that crossfit training is more suitable for amateurs who train for themselves, and not for professional athletes or bodybuilders.

The fact is that in such sports, a very narrow specialization is used, for example, a marathon runner, to a greater extent, develops his aerobic capacity in order to overcome long distances, and a bodybuilder works to increase strength power in order to, accordingly, lift maximum weight. The difference between CrossFit is that it completely lacks specialization, which is both a plus and a minus of such training.

But here’s the point: of course, even a very strong crossfitter cannot overcome huge distances at the same speed as, say, a professional athlete. And he will lift less weight than a specialized powerlifter, but, most importantly, the crossfighter does not set such goals for himself.

For him, the most important thing is to develop maximum versatility in himself, and this, I must say, is a considerable plus for any person who lives in ordinary life. For example, how often do you have to run 25 km distances like marathoners do? Or how often do you need to lift 200 kg? But being able to run to the bus or transfer sacks of potatoes to your floor is everywhere, and, most importantly, the CrossFiter can handle it easily!

Training features

Versatile training, which becomes a reality precisely thanks to this type of load, has begun to gain considerable levels of popularity around the world, especially where it is important for people not only to be in good physical shape, but also, for example, to save lives.

According to this system, in many countries, military, police, professional combatants and others have been training for a long time. But what is included in such a training program? What are they in practice?

Their most important feature is that they are constantly changing, before each workout a new set of exercises will be waiting for you, which is the main advantage of CrossFit.

The body becomes stronger, more powerful and enduring precisely due to the fact that it constantly experiences diverse loads, which makes them more effective.

For example, in the same bodybuilding, most often, one program is taken, according to which the athlete trains for more than one month in order to constantly monitor his progress.

Here, there are countless of these programs, you can even come up with them yourself, when the whole system becomes as clear as possible. Each new training system in CrossFit is called “workout of the day” or simply “WOD”.

For beginners, they are usually made up of specialized crossfit centers, more experienced crossfitters cope on their own. Another plus of such training – here you can engage in small groups of 10-15 people, which is much more effective – beginners pull themselves up, equal to more experienced athletes.

The main essence of training is as follows: a certain number of exercises (for example, 3, 5 or 7) are selected that a person is able to perform in terms of his preparedness.

Usually, exercises that are used in basic joint training are used here, for example, push-ups, jumping into the bar, squats, any deadlifts, snatches, as well as running and even lifting weights (small). Each exercise is performed a certain number of times, for example, 20.

And then the main essence of CrossFit: after one cycle of exercises is completed, you need to immediately move on to the next, in which all the same exercises are repeated, you cannot rest.

Hence – the cyclicity of crossfit, there can be as many rounds as the athlete himself is able to perform (3-7 and so on), the number of cycles also depends on how many exercises are in one round. If fatigue outweighs, then you can give yourself 10 seconds of rest, and then resume the exercise in full.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, such intense loads are undoubtedly positive, both for men and for girls: they bring up endurance, strength and self-confidence in a person. The body develops and strengthens, you literally feel yourself getting fitter with every workout.

In addition, you can do CrossFit almost at home: most exercises are simple and do not require any special equipment. Of course, in the gym there is an opportunity for a greater number of program variations, which is undoubtedly important for those who strive for maximum success.

However, CrossFit also has its drawbacks: for example, not everyone is able to do it, it is contraindicated for people who have health problems, especially with the heart or blood vessels.

Being engaged in this system, it is very important to monitor your condition, because there is a threat of the development of rhabdomyolysis – a disease that is often talked about in the relevant forums.

In addition, at peak loads there is a risk of overstraining the heart muscle, sometimes the heart rate reaches 200 beats per minute! Be careful and exercise to the best of your ability, treat your health with great care.

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