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Is Lipoic Acid Effective for Weight Loss?

With the arrival of spring, the most pressing issue for most women is the question of a toned and beautiful body. It was during this period that girls actively go on a diet and buy a gym membership. A healthy lifestyle will certainly lead to weight loss. However, not always as fast as you want. Lipoic acid will help speed up the process of losing weight without harming the body.

What it is?

Lipoic or thioctic acid, being a natural antioxidant, is produced in certain quantities by our body. It helps fight free radicals and eliminates the effects of oxidative processes. With its lack, metabolism slows down and there is a slow poisoning of the body with toxins. This causes the occurrence of excess weight and various diseases, including cancer.

In this regard, additional doses of this substance are often required. It allows you to effectively lose weight by activating metabolic processes and burning fat, converting them into energy. A prerequisite for the struggle for a beautiful figure is an increase in physical activity.

Where can you get the missing dose?

Slimming acid is found in certain protein-rich foods. These include:

  • lean meat (rabbit, veal and beef) and meat offal (heart, liver, meat);
  • vegetables: spinach, cabbage, broccoli, beets, carrots;
  • fresh milk;
  • grains: rice and legumes.

However, the amount of pure substance they contain is sufficient only to maintain the shape of healthy people with a good metabolism.

Those wishing to lose weight will have to take the coveted antioxidant drug. It can be in the form of capsules, tablets, or ampoules. The first two types of the drug are considered the most convenient due to the possibility of self-administration at any time and in any place.

Indications for intravenous injections are not the desire to lose weight, but the presence of certain diseases. Thus, ALA (alpha lipoic acid) is an integral component of therapy for liver failure, diabetes mellitus, treatment of diseases of the nervous system and relief of cancer patients.

What are the advantages over similar drugs?

The main advantages of the drug that determine its popularity include:

  • naturalness and safety for health;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • elimination of harmful toxins from the body;
  • no requirement to adhere to exhausting diets, just eat healthy food;
  • reduced hunger;
  • the minimum set of contraindications and side effects;
  • affordable price.

The result of taking ALA is:

  • slowing down the aging process of the body;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • decrease in blood sugar levels;
  • improvement of general well-being, as well as the condition of the skin by increasing its elasticity and preventing the formation of stretch marks.

Correct reception is the key to success

Before starting to use acid for the purpose of weight correction, it is imperative to consult a specialized doctor. Only a specialist will be able to fully assess your state of health and, depending on this, prescribe the optimal dosage and tell you how to drink the drug correctly.

Usually, people with small and medium excess weight need to take 50 mg of the active ingredient per day. For obese and diabetic patients, the dose should be increased, but only by the treating doctor.

Some people who want to get an immediate effect will increase the dosage on their own. This is absolutely not worth doing, since you can cause a wide variety of negative consequences: from an eating disorder to a rare, but possible, anaphylactic shock.

The use of the drug is carried out daily with a uniform distribution of the daily dose, which is optimal for use:

  • before / during breakfast;
  • after physical exertion (training);
  • during the last meal of the day.

It must be emphasized that the effect of a lipoic supplement will only be effective with sufficient physical activity. ALA will start the process of burning fat, but only sports or active movement will help get rid of all their excess.

It will also be useful to abandon the use of deliberately harmful products: flour sweets, smoked meats, snacks, alcoholic and carbonated drinks. In this case, judging by the reviews, you can achieve very impressive results – up to 7 kg of weight loss per week.

Often, in combination with an acid, L-carnitine is prescribed – the closest relative of vitamins of group B. This amino acid helps to accelerate the energy expenditure of digested fats. On the market today, there are supplements containing both ALA and levocarnitine, which will save money on the purchase of two separate drugs.

Are there any side effects and to whom is it contraindicated?

Like any drug, thioctic acid has a number of minor contraindications, which include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • individual intolerance to the substance.

It is also recommended not to prescribe the drug to children under 16 years old without objective reasons confirmed by a specialist. This is due to the immunity and metabolic process that has not yet been fully formed, and it is better to limit outside interference in it.

As a rule, taking ALA is well tolerated if the correct dosage is observed. Sometimes reactions are possible in the form of digestive upset, allergic itching, nausea, or headache. Usually this can be the body’s response to exceeding the prescribed dose or to the simultaneous intake of alcohol or iron-containing drugs. In this regard, they should be abandoned for the period of drug use.

Thus, lipoic acid is a fairly effective tool for losing weight, provided a competent approach to the process of losing weight.

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