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How to pump up the lower press at home?

In the past few years, a healthy lifestyle has been a widespread and, importantly, a fashionable phenomenon that pushes crowds of young people not only to proper nutrition and the absence of alcohol in their diet, but also to active trips to fitness clubs.

Now every third person can boast that they have a six-month gym membership, and some have even acquired a personal trainer, all, as they say, for the benefit of health and beauty.

A girl with a gorgeous belly.

This, of course, is all very good, but what to do for those who do not have the opportunity to visit such places, there may be many reasons, but the result is one – the absence of sports in life will definitely negatively affect the general physical condition of a person.

Of course, there is a way out, a beautiful figure and relief muscles can be acquired at home, the main thing is dedication, patience and responsibility.

Now, when summer is in full swing, you want to look perfect more than ever, especially for the lower press, it is very difficult to resist its beauty, both for men and women.

However, it turns out to be not so easy to make it sexy and embossed, it is not enough just to pump the press, it is necessary to resort to a whole range of exercises and recommendations.

As you know, a person’s press is divided into upper, lower and lateral, and, sadly, the lower press is the most difficult to pump up due to the fact that it is least of all involved in the process of human life, and most of the exercises affect the maximum upper and lateral press.

The answer to the question of how to pump up the lower press at home quickly and correctly consists of several points:

  • proper and healthy nutrition;
  • workouts that include cardio and strength training.

Of course, you can not go on a diet and continue to eat according to the same principle as before, but you are unlikely to achieve the desired result: you will, of course, pump up the abs, but the fat that hides it will not go anywhere.

Remember that abdominal exercises do not burn excess fat, so an additional course of cardio loads and proper nutrition are so necessary.

What is needed in order to pump up a beautiful lower press?

First of all, develop a clear program and time when you can devote at least half an hour of time to your workouts. They cannot be skipped, if you have already decided, then you need to work on it.

A girl's abs is always beautiful.

It is not necessary to practice every day, or rather, it is not worth it, it is necessary that the body has time to recuperate, otherwise such oversaturation with training is fraught with muscle fatigue. It is best to do it every other day, that is, about three to four times a week.

Prepare yourself a surface on which you can pump your abdominal muscles without any problems. It should be quite tough, on a soft surface you will not be able to achieve visible results, and in general it is fraught with damage to the spine.

It is best to use an ordinary tourist rug, which spreads on a flat floor, make sure that the room is protected from drafts, otherwise you can get a cold on your back or kidneys.

Each workout should be accompanied by any musical compositions, it is desirable that they be rhythmic. Before you start pumping the press, you need to warm up the body well or do a preliminary warm-up.

For this, running on the street or on the spot, some aerobics movements, or doing a light warm-up set of exercises at an accelerated pace. By the way, you can pick up several videos in which all exercises for the lower abdomen are well revealed, common mistakes and features of classes are indicated.

They are usually led by professional fitness instructors who, with their advice, can help you achieve your dreams as soon as possible. So, here are some of the most common and effective exercises that will help you build your lower abs.

Exercises for the lower abdomen

Reverse crunches

This exercise, although it does not require much manipulation, is very effective and popular. It is necessary to lie on your back, arms extended along the body, palms down. Raise the legs up, perpendicular to the body.

After that, we begin to tear off the pelvis from the floor, and at this time the legs should look at the ceiling as much as possible, and not reach for the head. In this case, pushing must be done precisely by the muscles of the press, and not to help yourself with your legs and other parts of the body.

All the exercises that will be listed below, including this, are performed in 2-3 sets, 15-20 times each. There is no need to do more repetitions, since after 20 times overwork occurs, and muscle growth does not continue.


For girls, this exercise is probably familiar from childhood, and it is great in their case, if done correctly, the muscles of the lower press swing quite simply and quickly, because it involves not only the lower muscles of the press, but also the upper ones.

From a position lying on the floor, hands must be hooked behind the head, elbows must be spread apart. After that, we begin to pull the opposite knee to the elbow in turn, and at this time the free leg is in an extended position parallel to the floor, without touching it.

Raising the legs

We lie on the floor, on our back, arms extended along the body, palms down. The legs rise 10 centimeters above the floor, and then from this position rise alternately to a state perpendicular to the floor. For beginners, it is better to do a lighter version of this exercise: the legs are bent at the knees, then the load on the lower back is significantly reduced.


This exercise is familiar to everyone since childhood, it is one of the most popular and widespread, but it is no less effective. The legs are raised 10 centimeters above the floor, and then it is necessary to make horizontal swings of the legs, repeating the movements of the scissors. When performing the exercise, the head should remain on the floor, and the swings themselves should be done as soon as possible.


We also lie on the floor, only we stretch our arms above our head, and slightly raise our legs. Then you need to fold: at this moment, the arms and body reach out to the legs, and the legs stretch to the body. Then we return to the starting position. This exercise is best done in a measured way, not rushing, working through all areas.

Raising legs on the horizontal bar

This can be done in any yard with a horizontal bar or at home if you have a wall bars. It is necessary to hang on the bar, and then raise your legs in one powerful movement, trying to achieve a parallel position of the legs and the floor.

Avoid the body beginning to sway, work precisely with the abdominal muscles. For beginners, a lighter version of the exercise may be suitable, which also helps to pump the lower press equally effectively. We raise not straight legs, but bent at the knees, and it is advisable to reach with the knees to the chest, hold them there for a few seconds and lower them down.

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