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How to make your husband lose weight?

If women watch their figure and always strive to remain attractive, then this cannot be said about most men. Many representatives of the stronger sex believe that they look very sexy with a tummy. But if it literally grows “by leaps and bounds,” then you should think about it and immediately start acting. But how exactly?

Why did you become overweight?

To begin with, it is worth finding out the reasons for gaining excess weight. And they can be very different:

  • Improper nutrition. And, surprisingly, the wife herself may be to blame for this state of affairs. Many women pamper their husbands by preparing a variety of delicious dishes, including very high-calorie ones. And men get used to them, considering such food normal.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. If, for example, the spouse previously held a position involving physical activity, and then changed it to a higher, but “sedentary” position, then the weight gain is most likely associated with this. The resulting calories simply do not have time to burn.
  • Health problems. Many do not attach much importance to extra pounds, but in vain, because they can indicate a disease such as diabetes, as well as serious metabolic disorders. Therefore, if the diet is healthy, the lifestyle is quite active, but the weight is still growing, then you should consult a doctor and find out the causes of the problems.
  • Boredom. If your husband has a lot of extra time, then he probably often occupies him with watching TV or video games, as well as frequent snacks, and not the most useful ones.
  • Depression, family problems. Many people try to drown out feelings and negative emotions with food, and this is a big mistake. Yes, food is enjoyable, but it is fleeting and unpleasant. Probably, the spouse is worried, and there can be many reasons for such a state: problems in the family or in relations with the spouse, difficulties at work, a midlife crisis, and so on.
  • Habit. If your spouse ate a lot before meeting you and preferred unhealthy food, then this has probably become a habit. And getting rid of it is sometimes very difficult.

How to be?

How to make your beloved husband lose weight? First of all, it is worth talking to him frankly. Tell him that you are concerned about his weight and want him to lose a few extra pounds. The man may start to laugh it off, so immediately clarify that your intentions are serious.

But do not reproach or insult your spouse, this can greatly hurt and offend him. Be sure to say that you love him by anyone, but you are very worried about your health and therefore really want the faithful to lose weight. And be sure to assure him that you will help and support in every way!

If a serious conversation did not work, and the scales show the same or even more even larger numbers, then you should not swear and make a scandal. You have to be cunning and use women’s secrets. More about them below.

Healthy food for the whole family

If the whole family eats right, then the spouse will simply be uncomfortable eating something harmful. So prepare healthy meals for all your household members.

Here are the basic principles of a healthy diet:

  1. Give up frying, prefer other methods of heat treatment to it: stewing, boiling, baking, steaming.
  2. Remove fatty and high-calorie foods from the menu, replacing them with lighter and healthier ones. For example, instead of pork, buy beef, turkey, chicken, and rabbit. And instead of pasta and potatoes, you can cook various vegetable dishes: stews, salads, casseroles, and so on.
  3. Reduce the size of one serving. But reduce it gradually so that it goes unnoticed and is not perceived as a “hungry ration”.
  4. Observe the diet. Make sure that your spouse eats at least three to four times a day and does not snack on the go, especially harmful foods. If your husband gets hungry, offer him yogurt or some kind of fruit.
  5. Nutrition should be correct not only at home, but also at work, so be sure to give your spouse cooked food with you.

The right incentive

What if the spouse does not want to lose weight and does not understand why he needs it. Find the right incentive. And it will depend on the specific situation and on the person himself.

Several variants:

  • Good health. Tell us that, having lost weight, your faithful will be able to live long and take care of family members, not think about diseases and not suffer from such a frequent companion of obese people as shortness of breath.
  • Child planning. In order to conceive a healthy child without any problems, you need to put your body in order, and both parents-to-be. Excess weight negatively affects sperm quality.
  • Attractiveness. You can say that before, when your loved one was slimmer, he was more attractive, so you would love to see him that way again.
  • Self-pride. If victories and recognition are important to your husband, and he is also a purposeful person, then make a bias that, having lost weight, he will be able to prove to everyone that he has a strong character and will, can achieve his goal.

Active and interesting activity

Surprisingly, an interesting activity that will take up your free time and make you move will help you lose weight. For example, it can be some kind of sport, including a rather extreme one: snowboarding, biking, diving, and so on.

And if you want to combine business with pleasure, then you can change the apartment to a private house. Believe me, its construction, repair and arrangement take almost all the time and absolutely definitely make you move and make efforts.

Useful Tips

What can you do to make the process more productive and faster? Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Have sex more often. Firstly, it will help burn extra calories, and secondly, it will give pleasure and partially replace the goodies.
  • Change your home environment. Probably, if everything is calm, then the spouse will stop overeating.
  • Try to lose weight together! If you have a few extra pounds, then go on a diet and go to the gym together, so it will be much easier for your spouse, because it’s easier and more fun to do everything for the company.
  • Try to cook food in small amounts, for example, for one day. Yes, it’s not easy, but the husband probably will not overeat.
  • Don’t buy unhealthy and high-calorie foods to avoid the temptation. Replace chips, candy, and cookies with yogurt, fruits and berries.
  • Encourage your husband to be active! Write it down to the pool or gym, walk more, play outdoor games with children, attend various interesting events.
  • In no case do not put pressure on your spouse and do not offend him, he may simply close and be offended, which will only aggravate the situation. Instead, support and help your loved one.
  • If you are worried that your spouse is eating improperly or overeating at work, then ask some of his colleagues (preferably female, so that the law of female solidarity works) to monitor his diet during working hours.
  • If all else fails, take your husband to the doctor so that he describes all the consequences of being overweight and, preferably, demonstrates them clearly.
  • Try to talk to your beloved’s friends, they will help him understand the problem and influence his opinion.

Act cunningly, comprehensively and carefully, and then your spouse will begin to monitor weight and become slim!

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