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How to make a healthy homemade coffee scrub?

Coffee is an excellent energy drink, but the benefits of drinking it cause a lot of controversy, even among doctors. But the coffee grounds remaining after brewing it are unanimously considered a useful remedy, because on its basis you can prepare several very effective cosmetics at home, while significantly saving money.

Women always pay special attention to skin and body care. But it happens that even in the absence of bad habits and adherence to the correct daily regimen and nutrition, the skin becomes lethargic and pale. This happens most often due to clogging of the pores with excess sebum, dust or keratinized particles of the upper layer of the epidermis.

The field of cosmetology offers a huge selection of different peelings that will help to cope with this problem. But one of the most popular and affordable is a coffee scrub, which, thanks to its gentle effect on the skin and high cleansing properties, makes it possible to cleanse even the deepest pores and improve skin texture.

The miraculous effect of coffee

Small particles of coffee grounds are excellent abrasives that remove impurities and significantly improve oxygen access to cells.

The composition of the invigorating drink, beloved by many, is so rich that, in addition to cleansing, it can perform two more important functions: to tone and nourish.

  • Caffeine helps to strengthen the protective functions of the epidermis, protecting it from the effects of high and low temperatures, wind, reducing the susceptibility to household detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Antioxidants are known to fight wrinkles and are also able to restore firmness to the skin.
  • Thanks to polyphenols, the processes of renewal and enhanced production of elastin take place, as a result of which the face takes on a toned shape.
  • Carotenoids will help to give a healthy and fresh look. A coffee peel will help to combat dull complexions by giving them a naturally tanned complexion. In addition, carotenoids have a prophylactic effect on the development of skin cancer.
  • Chlorogenic acid can control the harmful effects of UV rays, protecting the skin’s surface from burns.

What kind of coffee is needed to prepare a cosmetic product?

It is not difficult to buy a coffee scrub, but why, if you can cook everything with your own hands. So you can not only save money, but also be sure that you have a natural and high-quality product in front of you.

For the preparation of peeling, ground coffee of medium and fine grinding is used. Pay attention to the expiration date, the effect of an expired product may not be as noticeable. Experts also state that it is better to use green varieties for rejuvenation.

It is worth considering that a remedy based on coffee grounds will be more gentle, because before that it undergoes heat treatment. This option is suitable for delicate skin, and scrubs based on regular ground coffee will have a more intense and deeper effect.

The grounds can be stored for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

Peeling: who needs it and when to refuse?

Regular use of a coffee scrub will help cleanse and nourish your skin. Home peeling can be used to solve several problems:

  • the fight against age-related changes in the skin of the face;
  • the appearance of a pale, grayish or yellow skin tone;
  • cleansing any type of skin from various impurities;
  • the appearance of an “orange peel”;
  • stretch marks on the body.

But, like any cosmetic procedure, coffee peeling has a number of contraindications, which must be heeded. You should not conduct sessions on your own if you have:

  • skin diseases and inflamed areas;
  • allergic reactions to any component of the peeling;
  • too sensitive skin, which is injured by the action of the scrub.

Cooking recipes – all ingenious is simple!

How to make a coffee-based scrub, you will learn further, you just need to decide on the purpose and scope of its application.

  1. Nutritious. 2-3 tablespoons of thick must be combined with a tablespoon of honey and add a little olive oil. It is it that will help the skin to get saturated with nutrients. Such a product is rubbed into the skin of the face, after which it remains there for 10 minutes and is washed off with cool water.
  2. Cleaning. The coffee grounds should be mixed with a handful of finely ground oatmeal. If the product will be used for dry skin, you can dilute it all with sour cream. The freshly prepared mixture should be massaged onto the face and rinsed off.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. This remedy will help you quickly remove blackheads and reduce acne. The secret is simple – mix the coffee grounds with cinnamon and honey in equal proportions, dilute with a small amount of boiled water to a mushy state, apply the skin and rinse off after 5 minutes.
  4. Gel based coffee peeling. You can use your regular shower gel. For 100 ml. 2 tablespoons of thick will be enough. Alternatively, you can add a little grape seed or almond oil. With massage movements, such a scrub is applied to the body and left for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Anti-cellulite. Such peeling should be applied to the skin in a warm state, this is how the maximum effect can be achieved. A pre-prepared mixture of coffee, sugar and sea salt, taken in the same amount, must be diluted with olive oil and heated. You need to use this remedy for cellulite immediately after taking a shower or bath.

Before taking on the active use of self-made cosmetic products, be sure to test for an allergic reaction by applying a small amount of scrub to your wrist. If after rinsing, no marks appear on your hand, you can be sure that the product will suit you.

Knowing how to make your own coffee grounds scrub for your face and whole body will help you transform your appearance, restoring radiance and youth to your skin.

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