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How to learn to ski downhill?

The long-awaited and inevitable winter will come very soon, so it’s time to get sledges, snowboards and, of course, skis. Winter is a great time for all kinds of outdoor activities. But how to behave if you cannot stand on skis for no more than thirty seconds? You will have to radically change the situation, and we will help you with this by telling you how to learn how to ski in a matter of hours.

Any person at least once in his life dreamed of being in the place of extreme skiers who are rapidly descending from mountain peaks. This is not only a gorgeous sight, but also unforgettable emotions. Therefore, everyone should experience them.

Looking at the pirouettes of people who have been skiing all their lives, sometimes you get the feeling that they were born on skis. They know how to skate so dexterously. In order to become true masters in this difficult task, people devoted many hours to training.

Of course, it is pleasant to look at skiers’ dexterous skiing, but it is even better to be like them. It’s just awful to go with your friends to a ski resort and still sit and watch your friends conquer the mountains while you walk modestly along the piste. And all due to the fact that you absolutely do not know how to ski.

Every beginner will look awkward on skis. However, do not be shy, because of your complexes, get on skis. Learning to ski must follow certain rules, otherwise you risk getting serious injuries and health problems.


No one is immune from the situation when you are warned literally a week in advance that you are going to a ski resort. It is difficult and even stupid to refuse such a gorgeous presentation. After passing the first euphoria of joy, you have a feeling of annoyance, because you realize that you do not know how to ski.

If you do not have the opportunity today to go out into the street to master skiing, then you can first stock up on theoretical knowledge that will definitely come in handy in your first practical lessons.

Arriving at the resort, you will see endless snowy expanses in front of you and hundreds of people who are actively resting. The very atmosphere will help you to forget about all fears.

Of course, you may feel a little embarrassed when you are an adult and fall face down in the snow at the moment when a three-year-old deftly passes by you. Treat this with humor, and feel free to start mastering a new type of outdoor activity.

In order to become confident skiers you need to:

  • Quality skis
  • Special boots
  • Protective helmet
  • Knee pads, elbow pads
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Gloves

Let’s start mastering skis:

  1. Skis and all equipment can be good value for money. It is not worth saving on them, this can lead to injuries in the future. In order to save money, take skis and protection for hire. There are a lot of shops in the resorts that provide such services.
  2. Perhaps you shouldn’t trust your first skiing training to your friends. Maybe they will help you learn the basics, but what nerves it will cost you. It is much better to hire a professional instructor, he will definitely put you on the skis and explain all the details.
  3. Your first descent should not be steep; take a small slope.
  4. Fix the skis on your feet and mentally prepare for the fall. Try to ride slowly, use sticks to maintain balance.
  5. Some people manage to go right away, others fall every meter. Try it and only after that you will be able to ride normally.
  6. Only after you have been able to ride at a normal pace for a long enough time will it be possible to move on to more difficult tracks.
  7. After skiing, be sure to drink warm lemon tea or mulled wine.


Boots and shoes… It is necessary to try on shoes for skiing on a thin toe. Different shoes are sold for men and women, taking into account their characteristics. The special shoes have a regulator that adapts the shoes for walking and riding. A good store will offer you to go out in the snow in shoes, and if you feel comfortable, then buy them.

Skiing… You should not buy long skis right away, you will fall in them. Immediately tell the store that you cannot skate. The seller will help you choose a model for beginners. Pay attention to the fasteners, they must be of high quality. This is the guarantee of your safety.

Clothes… Don’t wear a lot of clothing for skiing. The option with ten sweaters is unacceptable. All your clothes, from linen to jacket, must be made from natural materials. Only then will you not freeze.

Try it and you will conquer the mountain peaks.

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