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How to keep a food diary correctly?

The problem of extra pounds is a conversation about painful, every year more and more people are faced with similar difficulties, and are looking for solutions. It is very difficult to cope with excess weight, this is known to everyone who has learned this on himself, there are a huge number of techniques and methods, but only there are not so many effective and effective ones as we would like.

Experts have long noted that a person is not always able to independently control his own desires and actions, but it is the excessive amount of food and the wrong process of its absorption, in most cases, that become the culprit of excess weight.

Observe the regime

It is proper nutrition that is the key to a beautiful and slender figure, as well as good health, and in order to learn this, it is necessary, first of all, to understand what should be completely excluded from your diet and what should be minimized.

A food diary is, in fact, the invention that allows you to avoid improper nutrition, constant recording and control of the food eaten allows you to monitor your own diet, as well as the absorbed volumes of delicious food.

A fast-paced lifestyle does not always allow a person to clearly see what he does not do wrong, and a weight loss diary always share with you the necessary information: what and where you ate at a particular moment in time.

This method of self-control is necessary not only for those who are losing weight, but also, for example, for people who follow sports nutrition: heavy physical exertion is accompanied by rapid loss of calories, therefore, the nutrition of such a group of people should be intense, but not excessive.

That is why athletes use nutrition diaries to the full, because they allow you to monitor the balance of calories taken and spent. If you have never done anything like this before, then it may be completely incomprehensible to you how to keep a food diary, what if it is difficult and very tedious? In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, and those moments that may seem tiresome to you at first, will very quickly become a useful habit.

It may seem to someone that doing something like this is a waste of time, isn’t it impossible to control the food consumed in your mind? What’s the use of persuading on paper, try to hold out for at least a few weeks and, believe me, you will instantly see the first results.

True, it should be remembered that only truthful records will bring real benefit to your body, so you need to be honest with yourself.

And one more thing: no one says that you need to keep a food diary for years, really killing a ton of time on it. Such notes are only necessary during the formation period, while new and correct eating habits have not yet been established, and you are still working on your own mistakes in the nutrition process.

Tips for Keeping a Food Diary

All the girls, probably at least once in their lives, tried to keep a diary, where they wrote down all their secrets, secrets and the latest events in their lives. A food diary is similar to such records, only in it you will have to record all your adventures in the kitchen or in the dining room, every meal should not go unnoticed.


All foods that have been in your diet should be accounted for and marked, preferably in grams or portions, and if you decide to get down to business seriously, it will be useful to master the technique of counting calories. This, by the way, is not difficult at all, on the Internet you can find a huge number of tables where products and their calorie content are indicated, as well as the calorie content of individual portioned dishes.

So where do you start? Start a nice notebook or notebook, on the first page of which indicate all your anthropometric parameters: weight at a given time, height, chest, waist and hips, you can even paste a photo in order to visually see your own modifications over time.

In the process of keeping a diary, these parameters will need to be indicated every two weeks, having made the necessary measurements.

By the way, for those who do not like to constantly write something, but are used to typing and working with spreadsheets, you can create a diary in electronic form.

Today there are a huge number of sites for those who are losing weight, they are presented in the form of a diary, which allows you to keep it online.

If someone does not have the opportunity to constantly use the Internet and online services, you can choose a convenient diary option in the form of a computer program that is installed directly on a personal computer, tablet or phone. If such options seemed overly complicated and incomprehensible to you, then you can compose your own version of the diary.

The easiest way is to break a sheet of paper into seven columns, each of which will correspond to a specific day of the week. Each of them needs to be divided into three more parts: in the first part your weight is recorded, in the second – the number of calories eaten, and in the third, respectively, the number of spent or the amount of exercise.

Optionally, you can add some columns at your discretion. In order to calculate the amount of food eaten in grams, as well as adjust your own menu, you need to purchase special kitchen electronic scales, they must indicate the weight with an accuracy of 5 grams.


Of course, weighing each dish every day is quite tedious, but do not worry, it will take very little time before you can determine all portions and their weight by eye, except for some difficult situations, for example, non-standard products.

Print out a calorie plate for yourself so that at first you can carry it with you, the grams are multiplied by the proportions compiled in the tables, the result is the calories eaten.

It is not necessary to fill in the data in the diary after each meal, if you have a good memory, then you can do this before bedtime, once a day. During the day, you can take pictures of all the dishes that are consumed during the day, especially the labels, at home it is much easier to figure out the composition and calorie content of the product than somewhere on the go or in the dining room.

Be sure to measure and write down your intermediate results, you must definitely see positive shifts and the results of the work done.

Such calculations will help you understand how many calories you burn daily, as well as how you should plan your further diet.

Needless to say, a food diary is a truly effective method of self-control, the benefits of which have long been appreciated by many overweight people in the world. This technique can significantly reduce the process of losing weight, and also helps not to stray from the path of proper nutrition.

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