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How to do sports massage correctly?

Sports massage is a special type of massage that, as you might guess from the name, is designed specifically for athletes and people who often endure heavy physical exertion. It is distinguished from therapeutic massage, first of all, by the fact that when performing sports massage, a person should not feel any pain.

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The main purpose of such a procedure is not to disperse salts or correct chronic diseases of the body, as in therapeutic massage, but to prepare the athlete for heavy physical exertion, stretch the joints and muscle frame in such a way as to positively affect his functionality.

This technique belongs to specialized systems that, along with exhausting training and endless loads, help athletes train effectively and achieve high results.

Correct sports massage helps to endure high physical activity, it is not in vain that they say that high sports achievements of an athlete are 50% dependent on the professionalism of his massage therapist.

The services of experienced specialists in this field are expensive, but at the same time, if the session is carried out with high quality, then it is possible to additionally stimulate the muscles, which allows athletes to discover all new reserves in themselves, this is especially important before an important start.

Few masseurs know how to do sports massage correctly, so good specialists in this field are literally worth their weight in gold. This type of massage procedures not only contributes to the achievement of a sports form, but is also an excellent method for keeping it, helps to fight fatigue and muscle strain.

Sports massage can hardly be called a cosmetic procedure, it does not get rid of cellulite or excess weight, but everyone who pays even a little attention to their own physical fitness will find in this procedure something that suits him personally.

Relaxation after exercise

This massage, like most other subspecies, can be general and is carried out over the entire surface of the body, or it can be local, in which case the massage of individual parts of the body (zones) is carried out. You can also perform local massage yourself, using classical massage techniques.

Carrying out such procedures helps to stimulate the work of sweat and sebaceous glands, normalizes metabolism, and also improves blood circulation, skin nutrition and breathing.

It has been scientifically established that regular exercise of sports massage improves heart function, as well as strengthens the walls of blood vessels and helps to improve joint mobility, and early recovery from serious injuries.

Types of sports massage

Depending on the tasks performed, it is divided into several types, each of which differs in the technique of execution, the effect on a specific group of muscles or joints.

Training massage

The first subspecies, which is an important part of the entire training process, it is he who is an additional means of increasing the athlete’s performance. Basically, it is carried out in parallel with training, which makes it possible to increase their effectiveness, and in some individual cases even increases his sportsmanship.

The effectiveness of such a procedure directly depends on the methodology of its implementation, which is associated with the main scheme of training loads, with the type of sport, as well as the intensity and volume of training.

To achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to take into account all the individual characteristics of the athlete himself, as well as the specifics of the sport. For example, in skaters and runners, the main focus is on the muscles of the legs, but in water sports, special attention is paid to the shoulder girdle, arms and back, and so on, depending on the type of load.

The duration of the training massage usually varies within one hour, which includes the main techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and additional techniques that are at the discretion of the master. This type of massage is performed approximately 2-4 hours after training, after which you need to take a hot shower or visit a sauna.


Another subspecies, which is used immediately before starting physical exercise, sometimes it is even able to replace preliminary warm-up exercises, so the benefits of such a procedure are undeniable.

Most often, it lasts no more than 25 minutes, mainly aimed at increasing blood circulation in the area of ​​working muscles, as well as normalizing the athlete’s functional capabilities.

Sometimes, to enhance and accelerate the effect, special oils or gels are used during the massage, which, rubbing into the skin, enrich with a warming and stimulating effect, activating the blood flow to the developed area of ​​the body.

Recovery massage

This is a great way to relax and restore the body’s strength as much as possible after long and serious stress, training and competition. Rehabilitation massage is carried out after them or between them, regardless of the degree and kind of fatigue, whether it be physical or psychological stress.

The duration of such a session depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete, and is usually 40-60 minutes for a general massage, and no more than 15 minutes for a local one.

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For people who are not professional athletes, but are constantly engaged in health-improving physical education or remedial gymnastics, restorative massage can stand up along with other general health activities.

This massage is recommended to be carried out after evening jogging or morning exercises, and to achieve the best effect, a restorative massage is recommended to be carried out after a 15-minute hot bath or steam bath, which will contribute to the maximum relaxation of muscle tissues.

As in other subspecies, here it is necessary to massage directly those parts of the body that bear the maximum load. As an aid, many specialists also prescribe physiotherapy in parallel with massage, as well as autogenous training and oxygen breathing.

Massage for sports injuries

Sometimes, in order to quickly get back in shape and, as soon as possible, start standard workouts, massage becomes almost the only means that can accomplish such a miracle after serious injuries.

Such a massage should be performed only by an experienced specialist, since the process will work out damaged muscle tissues and tendons, which are extremely important not to cause additional harm.

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