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How to become flexible and pliable without much effort?

Every girl dreams of being plastic, because thanks to them, you can become more graceful and sophisticated. Therefore, it is necessary to work constantly on the development of these qualities.

Some girls can boast of natural flexibility, they are really lucky. After all, even when they are already adults, they can sit on the twine without any problems. Although it has not been scientifically proven that flexibility can be hereditary.

Flexibility lies not only in the ability to throw your leg behind your head, it is the ability to feel and control every cell of your body. In nature, all felines are the most flexible creatures. Only a cat can silently sneak up on its prey, only she can gently stroke her whole body on the owner’s leg, and only a cat can remain intact after falling from a height. All thanks to the super-developed abilities to bend your body.

A flexible body testifies to the health of the joints and spine, so each person needs to work hard on it.

Most men are sure that flexible women are insanely sexy, and in bed they are real goddesses. This is due to the fact that flexibility allows you to realize all your fantasies to the maximum.

The most flexible sports are rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Especially gymnasts are able to bewitch with their movements. Sometimes there is a feeling that professionals simply do not have bones, so dexterously they can bend their own bodies.

Each person should understand that flexibility is what each of us has in childhood. It’s just that some parents immediately begin to deal with their children and develop these abilities even more, while others do not pay attention to flexibility and as a result, their child at the age of 10 is no longer realistic to sit on the twine.

You can become plastic at any age and condition. By doing the right exercises at home, you will very soon be able to do splits, somersault, and reach your feet with your fingers.

Doing at home

Before proceeding with stretching, each person must master the basic safety rules.

Try a couple of simple exercises at home: stand up straight, touch your feet with your toes. If you can’t do this, then you definitely need to develop flexibility, just do not think that after a week of doing the exercises you will be able to sit on a transverse twine.

Exercises for the development of plasticity must be performed constantly. For convenience, it’s best to make a schedule

Really good results can become evident within a month, but with flexibility everything is individual. Therefore, do not be discouraged and do not give up.

For stretch marks, you must have special clothes, it can be a couple of sizes larger.

All exercises should be performed slowly, smoothly and without straining. You shouldn’t be in pain, everything should be comfortable. After all, you want to become more plastic, and not get an Olympic medal.

Exercise is best done in a good mood in the morning. You will receive a huge charge of positive emotions, which will be enough for the whole working day.

In training, you must pay attention to all muscles. Flexibility is the interaction of all muscle groups, so you can’t pull your legs and completely throw your arms.

For stretching, whole programs of different specialists have been developed. Take advantage of them.

A set of exercises

We lie down on the floor, place our arms at 90 degrees from the body, legs straight. We bend the right leg at the knee and try to touch the floor on the left side with it. We do the same with the second leg. Thus, the muscles of the legs, back and lateral abdominal muscles are stretched.

We sit on the floor, legs are straight, we just stretch our palms to the toes. Do not bend your knees and do not cheat. You are stretching for yourself, so exercise honestly. 20 times.

We sit on the floor, knees under the booty, hands behind the head, elbows apart. Slowly we begin to get up, then we smoothly lower ourselves back. 30 times.

We lie down completely on the floor, arms straight up behind the head, legs straight. We raise one leg to a right angle, wrap our hand around it and pull it towards the head. 20 times on each leg.

We stand straight, put our right leg forward and bend it. We try to sit down as low as possible. For each leg 15 times.

Starting position as before. Sit down, clasp your feet and try to stand up completely without lifting your arms. These are the so-called hard squats. 25 times.

Developing flexibility at home is easy enough. All you need is your desire and willingness to become better.

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