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How can you remove an ugly double chin?

In order for a woman to look young and attractive, she has to carefully take care of herself, resort to dozens of tricks, but, unfortunately, it is difficult to see for everything, and it is especially difficult to deal with those shortcomings to which there is a congenital predisposition.

Such an attack, like a second chin, can “make happy” not only representatives with extra pounds, but also quite thin, even model-looking girls. This phenomenon looks, to put it mildly, not very, it can ruin even the most pretty appearance, and this problem is encountered much more often than it might seem at first glance.

Spoils the mood of women

But do not despair, if you begin to notice a small soft layer behind the chin, which gradually develops into its second brother, then you need to pull yourself together and start urgent “resuscitation” of the contours of your own face.

Many women and men are interested in how you can remove a double chin, because, most often, such hard-to-reach places lose weight badly, and this is nothing more than an accumulation of sagging fat deposits.

We lay the ground for such “beauty” with our own hands, although there are often cases when the appearance of a double chin is a manifestation of the features of a particular figure, which are inherited by a person.

Remember the faces of your grandparents, parents, if you noticed a similar phenomenon in someone, and even at a young age, then most likely you inherited it with all possible charms.

Massage will help you

But you should not despair, if you work on yourself, there are always ways to help you make your face perfect, the main thing here is perseverance and work on yourself. If you have not found a double chin in any of your loved ones, then, most likely, its appearance is solely your own merit, which is also realistic to correct, there are already many methods that will help in this difficult matter.

But in order to successfully get rid of such a misunderstanding, you must surely know why a double chin appeared, knowing the reason, it will be much easier to deal with the problem.

Reasons for the appearance of a double chin

  • The most commonplace and well-known reason for the masses is excess weight, which causes bulging and flabby roundness in all parts of the body, including the chin.
  • Older women are susceptible to the appearance of a double chin, especially during menopause, when cell metabolism slows down, and the production of valuable substances that help maintain skin and muscles in tone is reduced. As a result of such processes, the delicate and delicate skin of the neck and chin sags.
  • It also happens that a particular person has a special body structure, when the angle between the jaw and neck line is naturally too small, and if, under such conditions, one also constantly slouches or develops a curvature of the cervical vertebrae, then a double chin can appear even in a very thin person.
  • Sometimes health problems, such as diabetes or thyroid problems, can be the cause.
  • There are other, less likely, but still possible reasons: sleeping on too high a pillow, constant stoop, lack of an active lifestyle, excessive consumption of spicy and high-calorie foods.

How to get rid of?

It is real to get rid of such a phenomenon, however, no one promises that the desired result is formed very quickly, systematic and patience is important here. No, of course, no one canceled plastic surgery, where an experienced specialist can get rid of a double chin pretty quickly, however, you will have to face a long rehabilitation period, which can last up to 4-6 months.

A clear outline pleases women

In addition, such operations cost a lot, but unforeseen circumstances are always possible, so not every woman will dare to go under the knife to get rid of the second chin that has appeared.

First of all, you will have to reconsider your lifestyle, if you feel that overweight has recently become your constant companion in life, then you have a direct road to fitness centers, sign up for any type of workout that you like most.

Do not forget about adhering to the diet of a correct and healthy diet, avoid fatty, flour, sweet and spicy foods, but lean on fruits and vegetables, as well as steamed dishes.

A very effective way to get rid of unwanted changes in the face and neck area is massage and manual therapy sessions. Do not forget to take care of yourself – keep your head straight when walking, your chin should stretch forward, your shoulders are straightened.

Sometimes, to solve problems with a double chin, you have to use special cosmetic lines for the care of the skin of the neck and face, which produce a tightening effect. It is better that such cosmetics contain special substances and components that will stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, as well as remove toxins and burn excess body fat.

It is good if the composition includes unsaturated fatty acids, peptides, as well as various plant extracts and oils that nourish, moisturize and reduce skin laxity. For such purposes, you can prepare masks with your own hands, which, with constant use, bring the chin area in order. Here is one of the recipes for such procedures:

  • Brew fresh leaves of garden mint in boiling water, while observing the proportions: 1 to 3. After 5 minutes, put the mixture in a cold place, when it becomes barely warm, then dip a thick cloth in it, and then attach it to the double chin area. It is necessary to keep such a mask for 20-25 minutes.

Very effective for pulling up a double chin is special gymnastics, which includes several daily exercises on the neck area. It is completely easy to perform them, but the effect will be noticeable on the whole face – the oval is tightened, the neck is lengthened, fat deposits evaporate and even small wrinkles are smoothed out!

  • We lie on our back and stretch our head so that we can see our own feet. This exercise is very effective, however, it should not be done by those who have problems with the spine.
  • Periodically chant the letters “oo-oo-oo”, “oo-oo-oo”, at the same time, try to strain as much as possible the muscles of the neck and the entire lower part of the face.
  • A very effective and already very well-known method that allows you not only to get rid of a double chin, but also to get a beautiful posture – walking around the house with a thick book on your head. 10 minutes a day is enough, during this time the body will gradually get used to stretching the neck, straightening its shoulders and, in general, walking smoothly and gracefully.
  • Sit on a chair, clench your palms into fists, bring them together and support your chin line with them. Now try to lower your chin down, and at this time, counter with your fists to prevent it from dropping, repeat several times.

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