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How can you enlarge your hips and buttocks?

Needless to say, but in men somewhere at the genetic level it is precisely laid down that an attractive woman should have appetizing and rounded shapes, and this primarily concerns the hips.

Many scientists justify this by the fact that for a long time a woman for a man is a potential basis for procreation, which should definitely give birth to healthy and strong offspring.

It is believed that it is women with a wide pelvis who are able to cope with this function in the best possible way. One way or another, but the fact remains, and representatives of feminine smooth and streamlined forms are not deprived of male attention.

Due to the modern lifestyle, the problem of an irregular figure has spread among women and girls, and along with obesity, the problem of lack of weight has arisen, especially in certain areas of the body.

The figures of modern girls are quite typical – long thin arms and legs, rather powerful shoulders and a small pelvis. Lack of sports, as well as constant diets, which the fair sex like to plague themselves with, so as not to have extra folds in different areas, began to lead to such changes in the female body.

That is why, for quite some time, among girls and women, the question arose of how to increase the hips and buttocks, because mouth-watering roundness still remains the standard of beauty and femininity.

Diet off! Proper nutrition – come!

First of all, you need to pay attention to your diet. Exhausting diets and constant calorie counting will be superfluous here. Of course, no one talks about overeating and eating anything that is bad.

After all, the point is this: we practically cannot change the shape of the pelvic bone, which is given by nature, cannot be corrected with the help of exercises, but you can fight with muscle tissue and fat layers, they can even be controlled so that they add up to your “benefit”.

Nutrition and increased training will do the trick

In order for the thighs and buttocks to acquire a beautiful and voluminous shape, it is necessary to work on their muscle tissue, which, as you know, is almost entirely composed of protein. Remember the pictures of beautiful bodies with prominent muscles, and before you get such a figure, you need to learn how to eat right.

Your daily diet should include foods that are easy to digest, such as boiled chicken breast, seafood. Homemade cottage cheese and sour cream, cheese helps well in this matter, you can sometimes please yourself with creamy ice cream, nuts and condensed milk without sugar.

By the way, women gain muscle mass quite well if they sometimes eat infant formula, because they are designed to build muscles in the baby.

But you can use them no more than 2-3 times a week, these cereals have too fast an effect. Many women do not risk resorting to such an “anti-diet”, as they are very afraid to gain weight, gain extra sides and stomachs, and it is very in vain! The formation of your beautiful priests cannot do without heavy physical exertion, which simply will not allow you to get better.

So, eat to your health, and remember that if you want to adjust your hips, then you will have to refuel 20-30 minutes before training, and repeat the diet immediately after it. The choice of sport is also important – exhausting fitness or jogging is unlikely to help you with this, of course, you will tighten your muscles and your body will look better, but at the same time you will dry it out, which will make your butt look even smaller.

Which sport should you choose?

As we have already said, narrow hips can easily be increased by physical exercise, you just need to choose the right sports incline. Sports clubs that train with a long duration of time, but with a low intensity, are not suitable for you, you are not going to lose weight.

The best option is a gym, where you can easily focus on your problem area. By the way, you can study at home, the main thing is desire, not opportunity. The whole workout will not take you more than 30 minutes, and then, this is if you want to pump up other parts of the body as well.

Many girls dream of such an ass

If you decide to go to the gym, then know that your best friends in this business are the barbell and heavy dumbbells. Most often, various squats are performed with them, and their working weight should reach such a figure so that you can do only 5-8 squats, no more!

At first, you will have to squat with a bar, since the bar will seem very heavy, and you need to perform the exercises carefully so as not to damage the weakened ligaments and muscles of the legs.

In general, it is better to start with preliminary preparation, which includes the usual squats at home – they will help you get in the right tone. Then you can complicate them a little – squat with dumbbells or with bottles of water, but even with flower pots – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is the result.

Squats with a barbell must be performed correctly – the bar is placed on the shoulders, the legs are set shoulder-width apart. Remember to look straight at all times so you don’t lose control of your body. The pelvis must be lowered slowly, without sudden movements, take it back a little, as if you were sitting on a chair.

For some girls, especially lovers of heels, this can show difficult, heels, in any way, will not want to reach the floor. This indicates non-elastic Achilles tendons, put a small platform 2-3 cm under the heels, and after a while try to remove it.

The lower you squat, the more benefit your buttocks will benefit. Another useful exercise is lunges, both forward and backward. When performing any exercise, watch your posture – your back should be straight, in no case slouch.

In total, you need to do three sets of squats and lunges, each exercise is repeated 5-8 times on each leg, because you do not want your buttocks to be different.

At the end of the workout, be sure to stretch, it will help you do the exercises deeper and more confidently each time. It will also not be superfluous to pump up the press and perform bends, which can prevent the appearance of fat on the sides, which will save your waist in a consistently thin state.

How to visually enlarge the hips with clothing?

If you are not going to the beach or the pool, where it will be difficult to disguise your problem thighs under a swimsuit, then you can work on your appearance, which will help to visually make your figure more proportional.

If we talk about trousers, then tapered and straight options are not for you, the best way out of the situation is breeches, which expand well in the right place. Use an outer garment – it should draw a minimum of attention to the shoulders and chest unless you want to get a lot of overweight in the upper zone. Always try to highlight the waistline – with belts, skinny blouses and jackets.

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