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How can a beginner do the splits quickly?

Looking at how cleverly the gymnasts and athletes know how to sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits, one involuntarily begins to think that they have some kind of supernatural abilities. If this is not so and they are ordinary girls, then why can’t I absolutely fail to do something that at least approximately resembles a twine.

The question of how you can quickly sit on the twine is of interest not only to young girls, but also to women of Balzac age. We will try to consider the basic techniques that will allow even the most “wooden” person to sit on the twine without difficulty and at any time.

Women want to be flexible and pliable for many reasons. Firstly, beautiful ladies like to associate themselves with cats. Have you ever seen a cat that is not flexible? Secondly, flexible women excite men very much, if only, because they are able to afford more experiments in bed. Thirdly, a plastic and flexible girl is able to better feel her body, and this affects her gait, posture and mood.

Why all this flexibility talk if you want to do splits, you might ask? It’s just that if you do not teach your body to be flexible, then you will hardly be able to sit on the twine without serious injury.

Basic Rules

So, if you really really want to master the ability to sit on the twine, then you need to, for this, stock up on tremendous patience and love for yourself. This is due to the fact that it is unrealistic to just sit on a split just because you just wanted to.

No, a spontaneous split is possible, although most often it happens only in extreme situations, slipping and losing balance on a slippery floor or on an icy street. There is little pleasant in such a twine, since during it muscles are severely injured and even fractures occur.

It is impossible to argue that every person is able to sit in a split pose in three, five or seven days. You can quickly sit on the twine only if you have natural flexibility, and with this, not everyone is lucky. Some women with zero training already know how to do splits after a week of regular exercise, while others need a month or even six months of stretching to do this.

If you haven’t done splits in a week, don’t give up! You will see, after a very small amount of time you will fulfill your dream and sit on the split.

In order to master not the simplest physical exercise – twine, you need comfortable clothes. Your pants or breeches must stretch, otherwise you will simply be afraid to make an extra jerk. After all, none of us wants to be in torn pants in the middle of the room or even worse in the gym.

It will be easier for beginners to learn to do the splits in socks on a smooth surface. Just remember that all movements should be smooth and slow.

Perhaps another important rule for beginners is that you should not experience sharp and severe pain during exercise. If you have just started to perform the exercise, and have not yet made serious efforts, experienced discomfort, then you need to stop.

Avoid muscle strain, otherwise, because of it, you will not only be unable to continue training, but may also lose the ability to walk normally for a short time.

You will need to do exercises that will allow you to sit on the twine three to four times a week. If you do this on a daily basis, then painful sensations in the muscles may occur.


Quite often you can find girls who neglect to warm up in gyms. So, if you want to sit on the twine, all your workouts should begin with a warm-up.

At home, warm-ups can be done with five minutes of jumping rope, running in one spot, or 10-minute squats. It’s very important not to skimp, you literally have to get hot.

Some dancers use a little trick to stretch. They take a shower or bath with hot water 15 minutes before training. This has a good effect on the relaxation of all muscles, but it is important not to forget about the negative effect of such warming up on the heart and pressure.

Swings are very helpful for stretching the leg muscles. Do them as often as possible a day, keeping your legs straight. Be sure to gradually increase the swing amplitude.

Now you need to stretch your joints. To do this, put your feet together and squat down slightly. Place your hands on your knees and rotate.

Then stand up straight, bend your leg, pressing it to your buttocks. Pull lightly and stand on one leg for about thirty seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

After 10 minutes of high-quality warm-up, you can start the main exercises, which will still allow you to sit on the split.


Stand up straight and spread your legs wide, now you need to completely squat on one leg. The other leg should be perfectly straight. Your task is to slowly “roll over” and sit down on the leg that was straight before. In this case, the back should be flat, and the abdomen should be drawn in. Do three sets of ten times to start.

Now you need to lunges. Sit on your right leg, and straighten your left and take it back. Now rise slightly on your right leg and sit down again. Do these bouncy squats for five minutes on each leg.

Now you need to start doing exercises on the floor. For convenience, bring a blanket or fitness mat. Calmly and relaxed, sit down on the mat and spread your legs out to the sides as wide as you can. Now reach with one of both hands to the toe of the right and then the left leg. You should be experiencing muscle tension.

Now, while remaining in the same position, connect your feet and try to touch the floor with your knees.

Get on your knees and palms. Take one leg to the side and try to take it aside as much as possible. That is, your foot should, if possible, fully touch the floor. Repeat the exercise for the other leg.

Now stand up straight and begin to squat slowly, spreading your legs. Sitting down as low as possible, that is, as much as you can, you should put your hands on the mat and try to make several swaying movements in order to sit down as low as possible.

By repeating these simple exercises, you will very soon be able to sit on the twine. As you can see, it is not difficult to make your little dream come true. It is important not to lose optimism and faith in yourself.

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