Fruits that diabetics keep away – Fruit Peace

Fruits that diabetics keep away - Fruit Peace

Adding fruits to the diet provides the body with the necessary nutrition in the form of essential vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Diabetics, on the other hand, need to make some careful choices while eating fruits, although the fruits can be good for our health, certain fruits can be harmful To diabetics.

Each fruit differs in the number of antioxidants and nutrients and a person can benefit from it according to the requirements of the body. In the case of a person with diabetes, different fruits can lead to a different change in the level of blood sugar in the body, and therefore the ” boldsky ” site has presented the fruits that should Avoid them because the blood sugar level does not increase.

Fruits that diabetics keep away - Fruit Peace


 Every 100 grams of mango contains about 14 grams of sugar content, which may exacerbate the blood sugar balance, although it is one of the most delicious fruits in the world, it should be avoided due to the high sugar in the body.


Rich in fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients, and grapes contain a good amount of sugar. Grapes should never be added to a diabetic diet since 85 grams of grapes can contain carbohydrates of up to 15 g.

Dried apricots:

Fresh apricots can be added to a diabetes diet, one should never consume processed fruits such as dried apricots, one cup of halves of fresh apricots contains 74 calories and 14.5 grams of natural sugar.

Dried plums:

It is one of the essential fruits to be avoided by diabetics, with a GI value of 103, peaches contain 24 g of carbohydrates in one cup.


Although pineapple consumption is relatively safe when suffering from diabetes, excessive consumption can spoil blood sugar levels.

Custard apples:

Although it is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, and fiber, custard apples are not the best choice for diabetics, a small meal of about 100 grams can contain carbohydrates that reach 23 grams, some studies indicate that a diabetic can eat an apple Custard but must be very careful.


Low in fiber and calories, a half-cup can contain about 5 grams of carbohydrates, making it one of the fruits that can be eaten in very small portions.

Fruit juices:

100% fruit juices made with any fruit should be avoided by individuals with diabetes because it can cause glucose spikes, since these juices.

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