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Fat burning workout at home

Recently, leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping an eye on your figure are two more and more popular concepts among modern youth. If earlier only athletes were involved in sports, now any representative of the fair sex who seeks to maintain an active life position tries to find free time to go to the gym or fitness center.

Even if it is not possible to visit such places, classes at home can also become a very effective way that allows you to lose extra pounds and keep your figure in good shape, the main thing, of course, is to be able to force yourself and draw up the correct methodology for your workouts.

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Everyone who has come across sports training in the slightest degree knows that there are various training systems that are specially designed for different purposes: somewhere the relief is being worked out, somewhere there is an emphasis on burning fat, and somewhere there is work on general strengthening organism.

For those who are in the stage of constant weight loss, it is always difficult to decide which type to choose for themselves, which is better, high intensity training or consistent, persistent exercise?

On the one hand, training with increased intensity, no doubt, leaves behind a feeling of accomplishment, after them you literally feel like “losing weight”, because trickles of sweat are flowing through the body, and the pulse is pounding madly, assuring that you have done a good job.

But strength training, which involves a slow but confident workout of each muscle, promises a beautiful and athletic relief.

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But bad luck, most women and men who have tried this type of training do not feel the same effect as with intense training, which is why they quickly abandon this type of training. But in vain.

A flat stomach, slender and toned hips, as well as the absence of fat on the sides and other important places – these are the main goals of most of the fair sex, but do you need to work out in the gym until you are completely exhausted?

What kind of workouts are the best to burn fat and allow you to get a beautiful athletic body? What is the best choice to get the most out of your fat burning workouts, whether they are in the gym or at home?

First, let’s define what a fat burning workout is. It is easy to guess that, first of all, this is a type of physical activity in which the maximum burning of subcutaneous fat occurs.

True, not everyone knows that the real “dissolution” of fat reserves begins only after 25-30 minutes of active and intense movements!

This means that any workout that is accompanied by dynamic movements and lasts more than 30 minutes can rightfully be considered fat burning. The simplest type is ordinary walking, the intensity here, of course, is quite low, but this does not mean that such activities are ineffective.

This also includes sports dancing, swimming, cycling or rollerblading, running, exercising on treadmills and stationary bicycles – all these are very effective ways to lose weight, the main thing is to observe two important rules – the duration of the workout is more than 25 minutes, during which it must be observed the level of the permissible heart rate.

True, it should be noted here that high-intensity training is not always the best choice, because due to the characteristics of the body and even character traits, not every person is able to withstand such a pace of exercise. If you feel that it is psychologically difficult for you to maintain such a rhythm, then even an excellent result may not bring the desired satisfaction.

This is where low-intensity workouts come to the rescue, there are many cases where people have achieved amazing results in losing weight with simple daily walks.

In fact, in order to reach the limits of your dreams, it is very important to draw up a personal training program that will fully suit the characteristics of your body and character, besides, you should not forget about proper nutrition, because only in this way you can achieve real success in this hard business.

What to choose – circular, aerobic, strength or cardio exercises?

As we already said, you can get rid of annoying fat reserves in different ways, each type has its own advantages, which one to choose for yourself? The common myth that if you are pursuing a goal of burning fat, then you need to choose an intense exercise, such as cardio or aerobic training, is wrong.

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In fact, the best option is a combination of all possible types, experts have long proven that only such special training programs, which include alternately cardio and strength loads, can significantly speed up the process of losing weight.

It turns out that aerobic, circuit and cardio workouts, basically, “burn” most of the calories directly during exercise, but strength training affects our metabolic processes when the body is already at rest.

What does it mean? This explains the fact that during strength training, when you work with heavy weights, and the number of repetitions of one exercise does not exceed 6-12 times, you do not feel the same energy consumption as during aerobic exercise.

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Thus, after exercise, your body continues to spend energy for several hours, or even days, burning fats to maintain all the physiological work of our body. And, best of all, the more weight and muscle mass, the more energy is required, which means more calories are burned.

So, it can be noted that if you not only want to lose extra pounds, but also dream of correcting problem areas, for example, decorating your stomach or pumping up your legs, then aerobic exercise alone will not be enough, to make your figure fit and more slender, they must be alternated.

What is Circuit Training?

Another interesting type of exercise that allows you to quickly and effectively lose weight, a nice bonus is that you not only burn extra calories during training, but also dry out the body, work out the relief and completely strengthen the body.

But all the euphoria disappears quickly, because it should be noted right away that this type of load is quite exhausting, because the same set of exercises has to be repeated over and over again three circles in a row, while respites are excluded.

You can do it both in the gym, and at home or in a weighted fitness, however, it is very important to take into account the limited weight limit. Despite all the severity of this type of load, the positive aspects still outweigh, because with its help you can burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, while the process is much faster.

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