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Effective water aerobics for weight loss

Everyone knows that any sport is good for the physical health of the body, and is also necessary for raising the morale, because it has long been proven that sport is the best antidepressant.

And if all this is added to all this easy and quick getting rid of extra pounds, as well as erasing the “orange peel”, then it is foolish to deprive yourself of such a nice thing.

Aqua aerobics is just the kind of sport that easily allows you to combine all of the above advantages, but at the same time it does not entail sweaty and tedious activities, which are indispensable in “dry” types of fitness.

What is water aerobics? How is it generally useful and why is it so praised by everyone? If we rely on the name itself, then we can conclude that this is aerobics classes in water, and this will be an absolutely correct answer.

exercise in water for weight loss

Everyone, first of all, seems to be the most famous water exercise – swimming. However, this is not entirely true, swimming is the last thing you will do in water aerobics, so people who cannot swim and for these reasons do not want to go to the pool can be given the green light.

The water level at which water aerobics classes take place is usually from 1 to 1.7 meters, moreover, if there is more water than waist-deep, then the classes are held at special handrails. So those who are afraid of drowning can breathe calmly, it is definitely difficult to do there.

Why is water aerobics so effective for weight loss? It’s simple, when you are in the pool, the human body always strives to keep warm, even if the water temperature is comfortable for it at the moment.

That is why water aerobics so intensively contributes to weight loss, because the metabolism is significantly accelerated during this period. In addition, while doing all kinds of exercises in the water, the body is subjected to all sorts of vibrations, in fact, the effect of a hydro-massager, which contributes to the active disappearance of cellulite, the sagging skin becomes elastic, and the muscles come to tone, but the muscle mass does not particularly increase.

So, water aerobics classes are an excellent form of fitness specifically for large people, dropping extra pounds, they will not acquire new ones in the form of muscles.

When the body becomes fully prepared, and also significantly thinner, then you can safely move on to “ground” sports, where you can gain muscle mass much faster and more intensively.

By the way, another indisputable plus of aqua aerobics is that almost the whole body is constantly under water, so during classes you can not experience unnecessary complexes, everything is hidden from prying eyes.

In water, the body weight is not fully felt, so there is practically no load on the heart and legs, but thanks to the resistance of the water, water aerobics are quite effective.

What do you need to practice water aerobics?

First of all, you need to make sure that you have no contraindications for practicing this sport. Usually, a medical examination is required before starting a pool session.

It is forbidden to engage in water aerobics for people who suffer from genital infections, cystitis or any other colds.

After you are convinced that you have no contraindications, then you need to go to the store and buy yourself a piece-piece swimsuit, if you do not want to constantly adjust the straps on the swimsuit, as well as a rubber cap for the pool.

water aerobics for everyone

Another plus in water aerobics is that it has no age limit: both young girls and women in mature and old age can do it.

By the way, this sport is very useful for pregnant girls and women, because doctors have long argued that an active lifestyle is not only useful during such a period, but is simply necessary. An exception can be made only by specific cases of contraindications.

Water aerobics, unlike other sports, eliminates the burden on the legs, and also relieves the heaviness of the back, as a result of which, the expectant mother can feel much better. Most women who were engaged in aqua aerobics during pregnancy can boast that childbirth was much calmer, and also less painful.

How is the aqua aerobics class going?

The lesson, as in all types of fitness, is pretty standard: it all starts with a little warm-up, followed by a cycle of power loads, working out the muscles with special equipment, and then light stretching follows.

By the way, if you have never played sports before, then it is best for you to enroll in groups for beginners, where classes take only 20-25 minutes, and when you are already comfortable there, you can go to regular groups, where the duration of training is 45-60 minutes.

As equipment, a water belt is usually used, which can serve as a weighting agent and also helps to keep the body in an upright position.

You can also practice with aqua dumbbells and aqua dumbbells, which are usually made of foam. Sometimes classes are held with special Velcro weights and with aqua gloves, which resemble frog legs with membranes.

benefits of water aerobics photos

The reviews of most girls and women who have already tried water aerobics on themselves say that the process of losing weight really happens quite quickly, most often in a month you can lose about 6 kilograms, but at the same time, of course, you should not lean on food too much. More water, as well as fruits and vegetables – this is your main motto during your water aerobics classes.

The entire training process will take place under the guidance of an instructor who will show the exercises, and also make sure that they are performed correctly. Therefore, the quality of training, in many respects, will depend on him, so it is better to approach the choice of a fitness instructor as seriously as possible.

Of course, you can do water aerobics on your own, for this we will give an example of several simple exercises. However, if you have never played sports before, then, of course, classes with a trainer will be more effective.

Water aerobics exercises for weight loss

Try running in the water. For this, the water level should be no more than up to the chest. For 15 minutes, run, trying to raise your legs as high as possible, while swinging your arms, as in a normal run.

To work out the hips and buttocks, you can do the following: a straight leg in an extended position must be raised as high as possible, then take it back and lower it. We do such movements 15 times for each leg.

We lean on the side with our backs, raise our legs forward and begin to perform the “scissors” exercise, while not lowering our legs below the initial level. From the same position, you can perform the exercise “bike”.

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