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Beautiful posture for a girl: tips

It so happens that you walk down the street and notice a girl who does not walk, but literally flies, her flexible and graceful camp evokes pleasant admiration, and her light movements are simply mesmerizing.

Unfortunately, it is now possible to meet such girls or women very rarely, they are practically like an endangered species. The modern pace of life, the lack of desire among girls to go in for sports, a sedentary lifestyle – all this leads to not too funny consequences, which have a common name – curvature of the spine.

It is not for nothing that the sages of Ancient China called the human spine the tree of life, because the health of the entire human body as a whole depends on its state.

A beautiful visual stance is not the only pleasant addition, if you do not monitor the health of your spine, then, subsequently, you may encounter problems such as the development of scoliosis, kyphosis, which, in turn, lead to serious diseases of the liver, stomach, all are exacerbated chronic pathologies.

A person with progressive curvature of the spine may often experience headaches, dizziness, and increased fatigue.

How does the stoop appear?

Indeed, why not just walk constantly smoothly and beautifully, is it difficult? A beautiful posture in a girl or woman should be as essential an attribute as, for example, well-groomed hair or perfect makeup. It turns out that things are not so simple.

Perfect back

The causes of stoop in modern women are the simplest, in fact, we not only do not know how to walk correctly, but even sit correctly!

Constant work at the computer, driving a car, studying at school or university – all this forces a person to spend most of his life sitting, not even suspecting what load we put on the muscles of his poor back. And if we do it wrong, then this is a direct road to serious distortions and violations.

By the way, another common cause of all kinds of problems with the spine is the complexes in tall ladies, they involuntarily try to decrease in size, constantly bending their backs slightly.

As a result, it becomes a habit, and then it becomes a disease. So the presence of back problems is also a psychological aspect that needs to be addressed at a different level.

Please note that all models that walk the world catwalks are tall, because it is much easier for such girls to visually look slim and graceful.

How to check yourself?

There is a method that allows you to quickly and easily determine the presence or absence of problems with the spine. Lean with your back against a flat and smooth surface, against a wall, for example, keep your chin straight forward, lower your hands at the seams.

If the palm passes freely between your lower back and the wall, then everything is in order with your posture, otherwise there are problems with the muscles of the back and abdomen. In order to determine the presence of curvatures, it is necessary to visit a specialist who can conduct all the necessary tests to identify any defects.

How to make your posture beautiful?

The main thing to remember is that the main problem with poor posture is weak back and abdominal muscles, so they need to be constantly strengthened and monitored for their tone.

Of course, the best option is to sign up for a sport, let it be any kind that you like, you can even resort to medical gymnastics, which helped to correct even very big back problems. And even if you do not have free time to visit gyms, you can always fight this problem on your own, the main thing is not to be lazy.

Beautiful posture symbol of woman

The very first and most important thing is to learn how to sit correctly. To do this, you need to sit on the edge of the chair, and your back should always be in an even vertical state, if you are tired, it is better to lean on the back of the chair than to hunch over.

The legs must be on the floor, it is better that the knees are above the level of the hips, for this they use a special footrest. Do not forget that every 5 minutes you need to change your position, and at least once an hour, get up completely and stretch your body, walk a little.

The next point is weight lifting. Our women have long been accustomed to carrying heavy bags from the market or supermarket, absolutely not thinking about the dangers of their actions. Firstly, the entire mass must be evenly distributed over two hands, and secondly, a woman should not lift more than 20 kg of weight at all, and men – more than 50 kg.

Naturally, you need to constantly monitor yourself, straightening your back when you feel that your shoulders have gone forward. Well, the last moment that should help in this matter is doing exercises for a beautiful posture. By themselves, they will not take you much time, but literally in a few weeks you will feel how much lighter and freer your body has become.

Exercises for a beautiful back

  • Constant stretching will help your body become more flexible and your muscles elastic and taut. Take a pose “in Turkish”, fold your hands into a “lock”, stretch them over your head, take a breath and stretch yourself upward so that each vertebra aspires to your hands. As you exhale, lower your arms down.
  • In the same position, we bring our arms forward, bend our back, resting our chest against the back, forming a kind of hump, exhale, and while inhaling we put our elbows behind our back and bend well.
  • We lie on our back, bend our knees and pull them up to our arms, hug them and begin to gently roll on our back – back and forth, probing each spine. The exercise must be performed on a firm surface.
  • We sit on a chair, we spread our legs, the back is straight, we bend to each leg, while the back should remain in the most straight position.
  • From a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, we tilt the body from side to side, while the back should remain straight.

The number of repetitions and sets can vary depending on your fitness and body condition. Usually they do 2-3 sets, only 10-15 repetitions of one exercise.

Do not forget that before doing back exercises, you need to warm up a little – do a light warm-up or walk intensively around the room for a minute, and then start stretching slowly. After the end of all the exercises, hang on the horizontal bar, this will allow all muscles to stretch and relax the spine.

The main thing is to remember that good posture is the basis of a beautiful and confident gait, the grace of which can defeat any man on the spot. Therefore, take care of your health, because strong and hardy joints and muscles can prolong your youth and beauty for many years, the main thing is only to want to in time and fight for it.

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